RUMOR: Possible Plot Details For Doctor Strange Revealed

Yesterday, we were able to catch our first glimpse at Benedict Cumberbatch portraying Dr. Steven Strange via multiple leaked photos from the set while filming in Nepal. 

Kevin Feige has stated before that Marvel will take their time with the story of Doctor Strange, following his career to a world renowned surgeon to the Sorcerer Supreme we have all come to love.

Our friends over at Latino-Review have dropped some juicy details about what we can expect when we sit down in the theater on November 4, 2016! Here is what they had to say…

The “Doctor Strange” movie actually starts much earlier than anyone expected, opening in 1968 Kathmandu where some Zealots of dark magic manage to open a portal to another dimension. Leading them is a character named Kaecilius, a name taken from a character associated with Baron Mordo in the Marvel Comics.

I definitely can’t wait to see what that scene looks like visually. I can only imagination that it will look terrific!

We leave the mystery of magic in the 1960s behind to catch up with brilliant Stephen Strange in modern day New York operating on a gunshot wound. He’s a brilliant surgeon who is a bit arrogant until one night, while chatting on the phone, he clips his car, causing an accident that damages his hands. After several surgeries from Dr. Nicodemus West, Strange’s hands still aren’t healed enough to return to being a doctor. An encounter with magic (and sub-atomic particles) leads him on a journey to find the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), and when he finds her, she initially refuses to teach him.

And that is what they are currently filming now in Nepal. Only 363 more days!

As a HUGE Benedict Cumberbatch fan, I am extremely excited to see him on screen as Doctor Strange next fall. (Still hope to see him in a Star Wars film one day.)

Doctor Strange opens on November 4, 2016!

SOURCE: Latino-Review

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