‘Power Rangers’ Costume Designer Defends Female Armor

Power RangersSaban’s Power Rangers was marketed as a more serious take on the popular series. Although the film is definitely darker than previous incarnations, there was still a level of lighthearted fun that still stayed true to the spirit of the characters.

One of the inevitable changes for the reboot was to modernize the suits. The original series featured the characters in spandex – definitely a product of their time. This time around, the new suits are bulkier armor – similar to the design of modern superhero suits like Iron Man and the DC Extended Universe’s Flash costume.

Kelli Jones served as the costume designer for the film, and had the exciting task of creating a new iteration of the Rangers costumes that were already iconic in their own right. Jones discussed the process in bringing those suits to life through VFX:

“It comes out of their skin. It looks multi-dimensional and translucent. Weta, they’re magicians. They had never done anything like that before. It was a lot of R&D from every single angle. They were stressed as anyone making those suits.”

Unfortunately, there was a bit of an uproar online regarding the design of the two female characters’ armor. Thankfully, Jones rebuked that criticism with her comments:

“First of all, the original Rangers had skirts on. People were up in arms about it, like, ‘Oh my god, these girls have boobs.’ The fact is these girls do have boobs, so to make them androgynous, what’s the point when the original Rangers had skirts? I think the alternative would have looked off. To fit those girls, they would have to be flat and so far off their bodies that it wouldn’t have looked right.”

Although Power Rangers underperformed at the box office, plans for a sequel may come back due to strong toy sales. The reboot was not without its flaws, but the chemistry between the five characters had just enough to warrant some exciting new adventures for them.

Power Rangers is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD and Digital HD.

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This article contains spoilers for Saban’s Power Rangers.

The 2017 reboot of Power Rangers hit theaters this past weekend and, to many fans, it was successful and even garnered a favorable reaction from us. I grew up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and one of the greatest elements of the new film was the ways in which it brought back the classic elements from the series and left ways to explore more of them in further sequels. The potential for a franchise is tempting for any studio, but to do one correctly they have to find a way to please old and new fans simultaneously. There are several things that we would love to see appear in the inevitable sequels that could make the series even greater. There’s a lot of potential and the following things will hopefully tap into that potential.

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