‘Powerless’: ‘Emergency Punch-Up’ Review


5. She Really Emily’ed Things This Time

The team is super excited to go on their annual company retreat. I think my favorite part of the whole episode was how joyful Jackie (Christina Kirk) looked at the thought of just sitting at the pool and judging people. While the rest of their co-workers take off for the retreat, Emily forces the rest of the show’s leads to wait for an elderly employee named Dorothy (Dorothy Schock), who’s running late. Before they can depart, a supervillain named Dr. Psycho attacks the city with a mysterious poison gas and the building goes into lockdown. To make matters worse, they find out that Dorothy was already at the retreat and they were waiting on her for no reason. I liked that touch. Totally an Emily move there.

While it would have been fun to see the team actually go on a company retreat, there’s no way the network would be willing to spend money on any locations outside of the office, so sadly, a lockdown it is. It’s a typical bottle episode, but the characters are so much fun that you don’t really need much more than that and little bit of Emily’s back-up decorations.

While trying to kill time, Emily gets the bright idea for the team to play a game of “Desert Island Companion,” where each person says which one of the others they would prefer to be stuck on a desert island with. Usually, my least favorite character in this show is Wendy (Jennie Pierson), but I got a good laugh out of her way too specific and thouroughly thought out reasons for why she would want to be stuck on a desert island with Van. However, the game leads to disastrous results, leaving best friends Teddy (Danny Pudi) and Ron (Ron Funches) hurt and angry with each other. Things get really out of hand and Teddy accidentally puts a crack in the outer window, causing a gas breach and forcing them to take shelter in the lab.

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

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