‘Powerless’ Showrunner Explains Show’s Place In DC’s Multiverse

powerlessIf you didn’t catch the latest Powerless trailer yesterday, you really need to do so right now. The show looks great, super funny and full of talent. The new NBC comedy follows Vanessa Hudgens’ Emily Locke as the new Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, and deals with a world filled with superheroes and supervillains, so people must cope with the collateral damage left behind by all the fights.

Now Wayne Security is obviously a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, so the natural question is if this world fits into any of the established DC universes out there, but as showrunner Patrick Schumacker explains, the Powerless universe, or Earth-P as he calls it, is pretty much independent from the rest.

‘Batman v Superman and Man of Steel are the cinematic universe, the Berlanti-verse is its own thing and Earth-P is its own thing,” he said. “We don’t treat the films as things that have happened within this world.’

Personally, I think this is the right move. It gives the show a lot of freedom as what stories to tell and the take full advantage of their comedy format, which wouldn’t really fit in the DC cinematic universe or even the CW’s Arrowverse (a.k.a. Berlanti-verse). Nevertheless the show looks quite promising! Just look at the latest trailer below.

Powerless premieres Thursday, February 2 on NBC.

Source: ComicBook

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza is a part time writer at Heroic Hollywood and a director at Cinema Kaffe