‘Preacher’ Comic-Con Panel Brings A Live Reading, Swearing And Revelations

Cooper and Negga then got a chance to comment on their characters. Cooper talked about the “wealth of information in the comic book” but he said Jesse is “much more dislikable than I thought … it’s very clear to me why this person can contain the entity.” Negga, meanwhile, revealed she “kind of lobbied” for her part, talking about how she found Tulip “quite exciting” and how she “very much enjoy(s) a woman who can be dark and nuanced but also quite funny.” McTavish, it should be noted, was “a huge fan of the books” and read them upon their release. “When I heard of they were doing this, I desperately want to be a part,” he said. He therefore felt an enormous responsibility with the part, especially when getting suited up. 

Colletti, however, was not familiar with the books prior to his part. He did his research, though, and he said he “had spit and droll all over myself” after his audition tape. “I thought you were going to tell us you used your asshole,” Gilgun joked. Colletti revealed that it takes two-and-a-half hours to apply Arseface’s make-up, and that he can’t eat nor squeeze when it’s on his face. That’s gotta be tough.

Curiously, it was also revealed that, when director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) was still attached to direct the property as a film in 2008, Rogen wrote him an e-mail out of blue saying “you never met me but I am writing to tell you I would give anything to play the role of Arseface.” Mendes said he’d let him know if there was a chance to audition, but nothing came to light.

Rogen, especially with his background in comedy, stressed Preacher is “less improv than anything we’ve ever done,” which is why he thinks “it looks better than anything we’ve ever done.” Gilgun, meanwhile, had an entertaining story about how he got into acting. As a devious child, he was sent to acting school as a punishment, with his father stressing how “you want to be a fucking prat, you want to be a fucking clown.” Noticing the note on the back of panelists’ name placards asking them not to swear, Gilgun chimed the following address:”Don’t watch Preacher if you’re offended by fucking swear words.” Perfect. 

Other fun asides included when asked how each panelist would use the Genesis power and Gilgun answered, “Everybody start shagging.” He later continued with “I come amongst you like a mist of syphilis and chlamydia.” Additionally, when asked how Gilgun and Cooper get along off-camera, Gilgun says they “kiss a lot behind Ruth’s back. He’s not a gentle lover. Quite rough.” Clearly, Gilgun is the panel’s MVP here.

While it’s far too early to consider Preacher‘s influence on future comic book adaptations, when asked such a question, Rogen talked about how “people considered Preacher unmakeable for at least a decade.” He hopes “this will show people that other remarkable comics can be made.” We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. As for the show’s positive response thus far, he jokes that “we made the fucking Green Hornet, dude. This has been a dream as to how people have embraced it.”

Goldberg also stressed the importance The Walking Dead had on Preacher‘s creation on AMC, and how that popular series taught them “how to deal with this sort of big world.” It also gave them the freedom to say “That was a comic, they did it!” But they stressed that their relationship with AMC is “great.” “Some of the heads of AMC are great Preacher fans, and they want it to be rad too,” Goldberg said. And, indeed, it is pretty rad so far. Hopefully the next two episodes are just as rad as the eight that proceeded them.

Source: Comic Book Resources 

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