‘Preacher’: Graham McTavish On Saint Of Killer’s ‘Terminator-Like Pursuit’ Of Jesse In Season 2


Returning to Preacher is the Saint of Killers, played by Graham McTavish. In the comic book-based series’ second season, the Saint will be busy pursuing Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy as they continue their journey to find God.

McTavish spoke with ComicBook.com recently to discuss his character’s “relentless Terminator-like pursuit” of Jesse and the other characters.

“He’s off the leash. If he was on the leash in the first season, I’m not sure he was. But now he’s really, he’s after them. But I think what’s interesting about it is that it isn’t just about a sort of relentless Terminator-like pursuit across the New Orleans landscape. It becomes a much more interesting emotional journey for the Saint as much as anything else, while still providing a staggeringly high body count that my character contributes to the show. He doesn’t do things in surgical fashion, the Saint. There’s a lot of collateral damage when he arrives on the scene.”

However, McTavish also believes that his character isn’t necessarily as bad as everyone probably thinks he is. The actor says the Saint is “more complicated” than just being a villain and that his motivation is “from the standpoint of love.”

“I would definitely say it’s more complicated than that. I suppose in pure story terms he is the antagonist to Jesse’s protagonist. But within all that, none of the characters in the show are straightforward in terms of good and evil. The interesting thing, I think, that Preacher offers, both in the books and in the show, is that all of these characters are deeply flawed. That Jesse struggles. I mean, the very fact that he was chosen as the host for Genesis shows that he is a man that struggles with the bad side to his character. So does Tulip, so does Cassidy. And so does the Saint.

But I believe that my motivation is from the standpoint of love, really. It’s the love of his family that motivates him. The promise of being united with them in Heaven. It’s the deal that has been offered to him by Fiore in return for getting Genesis back to them. So this isn’t a personal hatred of Jesse Custer. Jesse just happens to be the person that is carrying Genesis and therefore has to be disposed of. There’s a very kind of pragmatic side to the Saint. This is the Butcher of Gettysburg we’re talking about, here. He’s not the Surgeon of Gettysburg. He’s a guy that really goes in all guns blazing.”

Season two of Preacher will be premiering on AMC tonight at 10/9c.

Source: ComicBook.com

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