‘Preacher’ Recap: S1E1 ‘Pilot’

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Tulip’s Introduction

Any character who gets introduced blazing down a field of corn beating the life of someone (and chewing off his ear for good measure), all while driving 120 miles per hour and still keeping their slick cool, instantly grabs your attention. *Doing my best/worst Larry the Cable Guy impression* I don’t care who you are.

And that the character just so happens to be a total badass gal when she steps out of the vehicle seals the deal. Now, doesn’t it? Negga owns Tulip O’Hare like it’s nobody’s business. Well, except hers, of course. And she can rock a cool black jet and equally pitch-black pair of sunglasses in the process? Am I in love? Is this what people refer to as love?

In a cast of characters with tons of great introduction, Tulip is easily at the forefront for best character. She’s hip, she knows what to do and she isn’t afraid to let some strangers’ kids help her build a makeshift bazooka out of tomato soup cans. I mean, how is that not cool?! If nothing else, I can’t way to see what the future of Preacher holds for her. She’s absolutely dynamite, and I can’t wait see how she explodes on the scene next time.


Will Ashton

Will Ashton

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