‘Preacher’ Recap: S1E1 ‘Pilot’

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Bar Brawl

There are a lot of great fights in this pilot, and among the most commendable aspects of this introductory episode is seeing how well-versed Rogen and Goldberg have grown as filmmakers outside the comedy genre. This is the End and The Interview suggested as much, but this pilot truly shows us how far they’ve come behind-the-camera. And with this badass little fight scene — which is not only perfectly set up, in a familiar sorta way, but done so with clear execution and a worthwhile payoff to boot — they demonstrate themselves as efficiently good action directors, with a firm grasp of fight choreography and fluid action cinematography. Led by Cooper’s commanding performances and perfectly delivered dialogue, a nice arm twist or two and a fun little capper moment with Cassidy, I can only hope they have more scenes like this one locked in the cannon. And if there are, I can’t wait to see them come before me.

Will Ashton

Will Ashton

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