Producer Simon Kinberg Talks Deadpool, X-Men, Pansexuality And Just A Little Bit More


Simon Kinberg producer on X-Men and Deadpool have a lot to say this week, and it was all great news, firstly we will talk about X-Men, Simon discussed where they were in production wise with the film station that it’s currently in editing, he goes on too say

“I’m really happy with it. We are in the edit working on the first cut of the film. It’s really exciting, I do think it will be the biggest X-Men film in terms and scope”

As we have all assumed the trilogy coming to an end, this will sure hopefully be one to remember, with the appearance of the mighty ‘Apocalypse’ and the story not just displaying a young Charles, Erik and Mystique, but Storm, Scott and young Jean too. It look’s like the scope will cover much more of the expanded universe of X-Men.

Kinberg also went to say that this film will reference a lot more from the comics also, with such storylines as the parental lineage of a fan-favorite Quicksilver, in ‘Days Of The Future Past’ Peter’s ‘Quicksilver’ commented ‘My mom knew a guy who could control metal’ and we get an awkward look from Fassbender’s ‘Magneto’ so of course as in the comics this implies a certain father son dynamic approaching, Kinberg did confirm this.

Kinberg finished is X-Men talk finishing with news about Jennifer lawrences’s Raven and how she will be seen within this film, Kinberg answered that this film will explore her struggle after the events of ‘Days Of The Future Past’.

Kinberg left us with another great confirmation on the new ‘X-Men’ film which was of course a trailer announcement, when will see one? Before Star Wars of course,

Now let’s move on too Deadpool, the first thing that Kinberg covered was the ‘shared’ universe aspect, whilst it will take place within the universe of ‘X-Men’ and feature ‘X-Men’ characters such as Colossus it’s not happening at the same time as any of the other films, there will be references to those films though, and of this week there has been news that we may see another familiar face that is of Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ although this is not confirmed.

Kinberg also touched on the subject of ‘Deadpools’ sexuality, stating that in the comic books canon ‘Deadpool’ is pansexual and this will be the same within the film, he went on too say it won’t be explored too much but there are hints within the film and his love life is explored.

On the subject of future ‘Deadpool’ movies Kinberg said that since the overwhelming fan support for this film that they have started to think about ideas and working on more scripts, but as most of us know if it doesn’t make the right amount of money a sequel is unlikely, saying that ‘Fantastic Four’ sequel is somehow still going ahead, so within that in mind I believe we will be seeing  sequel and with all the buzz from fans already, I would find it hard not to see it make the money it needs. Kinberg did say, wether it was DVD or Internet the rest of the story will be told, which implies the cinema is not the only place they are willing too showcase the adventures of our favorite mercenary.

Kingberg finished of with some extremely alighting words about ‘Deadpool’ firstly on another trailer, he believes we will see some new footage in December, on those reshoot’s, he explains it was minor touches that need fixing, no major blunders, nothing too worry about, just fixing some connection issues, and of course Ryan Reynolds, and how filming ‘Deadpool’ Kinberg say’s the filming was as radical as the movie will be, with Reynolds being the perfect fit for ‘Deadpool’ even wearing the costume home, it all came together very well, and the studio was understanding that this feel needed to be R-rated.

So too summaries, we will see an emotional, large and explosive ‘X-Men’ and ‘Deadpool’ will be everything we have wanted, both trailers coming December. It looks like the future is golden for comic fans.

Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12, 2016 and X-Men: Apocalypse is slated of release on May 27, 2016.

SOURCE: Collider

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