Quentin Tarantino Would Postpone Retirement For A ‘Star Trek’ Movie

If you’re in disbelief that Quentin Tarantino’s name and Star Trek are in the same headline, well, we don’t blame you. But the quirky filmmaker has suggested that he’d be willing to push back his planned retirement if he got a shot at directing a movie in the sci-fi franchise between the penultimate and final projects he has planned.

TrekNews recently uncovered a podcast discussion Tarantino spoke on stating that between Star Wars and Star Trek, he’d be more likely to direct the latter:

“The answer is I’d be more inclined to do a Star Trek kind of thing rather than Star Wars. And I like Star Wars and everything.”

So, naturally, when this bit of an interview resurfaced, TMZ got to ask Tarantino about if it’d still be on his mind, to which he added:

“It would be worth having a meeting about.”

TMZ suggested that Tarantino may be willing to push back retirement for his last two movies if Paramount chooses to hurry on hiring him, but once he’s made his last movie, he’s calling it quits.

A fourth Star Trek movie for the Kelvin Timeline has been planned, but it appears as though development on it has stalled following disappointing returns for Star Trek Beyond.

Source: TrekNews, TMZ

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Some characters, like Superman and Spider-Man, should never receive the R-Rated treatment. If a character is defined by a sense of hope or optimism instead of a dark, gritty core that grounds all their actions, then a R-Rated movie likely won’t work.

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