Ranking The Characters Of ‘Suicide Squad’ From Worst To Best

12. Slipknot

As stated before, there are major spoilers in this editorial and as of now you’ve been sufficiently warned. The main reason Slipknot is last on our list, even when you hear about so many critics complain about the villain and enchantress is that Slipknot does nothing in this film. A seemingly boring character whose ability of knot tying and climbing buildings with ropes is pointless in the film and before we get to be proven wrong, he dies. Almost about five minutes after our brief introduction to Slipknot, he’s killed by the bomb in his neck as he attempts to escape. Sure it serves as a way to inform the rest of the Squad that Waller and Flagg aren’t kidding around, but a little more emotional investment in the character before his death could have helped. Also props to Boomerang for luring Slipknot into this trap, but that only hurts Slipknot more as these villains should be a little more intelligent even if they’re completely insane.

11. Incubus


Well I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the villain of this movie’s pretty bad, and he is. Incubus, the brother of Enchantress is more like the side villain of the film as Enchantress only uses him as brawn, but nonetheless he’s completely underdeveloped. The sad thing is it isn’t that the characters in this movie are bad per se, it’s just that we don’t get enough time with them to learn why they could be good. And characters that are not only underdeveloped like Incubus, but we’ll never see again due to their death in the film have no possible redemption coming later down the line. Incubus is the inciting incident for why the Suicide Squad has to be activated, yet we never are really shown the fall of Midway City so he never feels like a big threat. Sure he can shoot things out of his arms and destroy stuff, but he just felt meh. Oh and also his CGI just looks out of place every time he appears in the scene and makes me glad there wasn’t a full CGI member of the Squad itself. It felt like he was ripped out of Gods of Egypt, and that’s not something you ever want.

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Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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