5 Reasons We’re Excited For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

5. Planet Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok

One of the earliest announcements regarding Thor: Ragnarok was Hulk’s inclusion. This led to many speculating that the film would be an adaptation of the famous “Planet Hulk” comic book storyline, which features the Hulk brainwashed and forced to fight in an intergalactic battle arena for the Grandmaster. This plot line has indeed been adapted for the film, gloriously confirmed by the awesome scene in the trailer where Hulk emerges in full Gladiator gear. The trailer memorably ends with Thor and Hulk about to smash each other to bits.

Fight scenes don’t usually cause me such wild anticipation, but this is a rare exception. It’s not often we get to see Marvel’s two mightiest heroes go head to head. And in the context of “Planet Hulk,” in which Hulk is honing his already impressive brute strength through Gladiator matches, there’s going to be so much great HULK SMASHING to look forward to.

The “Planet Hulk” storyline should provide a great opportunity to inject some much needed energy into the Thor movies. After two Thor films that took themselves incredibly seriously, with exhaustingly “epic” conflicts, the Gladiator fights on the planet Sakaar represent a more primal, and indeed, more comic book-y kind of battle. “Planet Hulk” sees the Big Green Guy go up against several wildly unique alien characters (including Silver Surfer, who should really get his own movie one of these days.) Many of these aliens make it into the film, likely buoying a colorful storyline that represents the total opposite of Thor’s usual activities. Just take in Thor’s hilarious haircut and comically inappropriate battle armor. One look at him says that this is a Thor movie ready to have some fun with itself.

And that’s exactly the kind of fresh energy that “Planet Hulk” will bring to the film.

Aaron Berke

Aaron Berke

Writer for geeky websites. Maker of short films with self-explanatory titles, like "Hats" and "The Note." Anxiously waiting to be mentored by Joss Whedon.

  • Tony Griffith

    I’m super excited for the next Thor movie, but in no way was I disappointed by “The Dark World.” Don’t know why this writer thought it was so bad and boring.

  • Keithleen Esperanza

    Not a fan of Thor, I’m only watching this just for Cate Blanchett.

  • Betty Monfette

    I’m confused. HOW did you get the idea that it’s Loki’s fault Hela is “out” and after Asgard? I didn’t see anything in the trailers to indicate that. Have you already seen a rough-cut of the film, Aaron?

    And why assume Loki’s been using his time as Odin to cause trouble? Have you not paid attention or watched S.H.I.E.L.D.? He’s been doing a good job: had the Aether locked away, *off* of Asgard and away from the Tesseract… has sent Sif to rescue the stupid mortals on Midgard a couple of times… did NOT just up and kill Odin, even if he had a good reason to. For all we know, the place is running better under his command.

  • Betty Monfette

    Oops, should’ve read the whole thing first: it’s spelled MJOLNIR.

    We don’t know why Loki is on Sakaar but, perhaps, it’s to rescue Thor since Loki may be in disguise by wearing Sakaarian blue.

    Thor may be without Mjolnir but this may be when he takes up Megingjord to augment his powers (and maybe Loki gets it for him).