10 Reasons Jared Leto Is The Worst Joker

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Jared Leto The Joker Suicide SquadThe Joker is one of the most iconic characters in fiction. His bombastic schemes, twisted behavior and eerie laugh are the things nightmares are made from. Amazing actors like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have brought the Joker to life over the years, and he will continue to grace the big and small screen for years to come.

Jared Leto is another amazing actor who’s been lucky enough to play the Joker. The actor was dealt a poor script in Suicide Squad and wasn’t given a chance to properly shine. Certain aspects of his character were enjoyable, and hopefully he will be better in future renditions, but for now, Leto is considered a disappointment. No matter how far the actor pushed himself to get into character, things just didn’t click for him this time around.

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Peter James

    >>>”Certain aspects of his character were enjoyable, and hopefully he will be better in future renditions, but for now, Leto is considered a disappointment.”

    “Considered” by whom?

    Don’t confuse your PERSONAL OPINION to be general consensus and then write an entire article around it.
    It’s in bad taste.

    • Alejandro Castro Valenzuela

      Most people think this Joker was bad tho

    • Fenix

      This joker was a back ally coat hanger job.

    • Snah Kist

      ‘bad’ doesn’t begin to describe this miscasting.. apparently there is more of a consensus than you have been willing to acknowledge.

  • The Hurt Smoker

    These are most of the problems I had with Leto’s Joker. Good job summing it all up point by point. I, personally, didn’t think the theme song was a huge problem though. Maybe that’s because I am not a big music buff. Also the final point about him being unnecessary has, I suppose, partly to do with how much of his scenes they apparently cut out of the whole thing. But yeah.. overall, I hated that version of a character I love.

  • I feel that I didn’t really see enough of him in SS to judge… although what I saw looked interesting. I think the character is definitely worth developing. Almost impossible shoes to fill, so I don’t want to be too hard on him.

    I kind of dug the chemistry between Robbie’s Harley and Leto’s Joker, actually. That may be mostly due to Harley, but they made it work. He’s sort of like her emo bf versus a terrifying criminal in his own right. But I was okay with that for the role he had in SS.

    • Axxell

      I almost feel like Jared Leto got the raw end, because while I felt his portrayal could’ve been better, it wasn’t entirely his fault that it wasn’t. All or most of these can be pegged to creative decisions by the production crew. In all honesty, Leto is one of the better castings in the DCCU, and this would show, if only they didn’t cover him in tattoos and croc leather…

  • Fenix

    His one possible purpose in suicide squad was completely squandered when they didn’t have Harley reject him at the end in favor of helping the team save the city/world. Even then he would have been a plot device at best.

  • Edison Carter

    Nick Kazden, to address a few of your points:
    #8 His hair was bleached by the chemicals he (and Harleen) jumped into.
    #7 his outfits worn throughout the movie reflect actual out fits he has worn throughout the comics and the updates (like the worn only once) alligator skin jacket is a direct homage to the classic trench he has worn in the past – as illustrated here: https://imgur.com/r/joker/ZQUxg
    #4 This is a direct callback to his 1st appearance in Batman #1 when he was a extorting mobster
    #3 Piss off, I happen to like both “Partyman” by Prince and “Purple Lamborghini” by Skrillex and Rick Ross all are popular musicians of their time and as cheap a stretch it is – he does drive a purple Lambo looking car.
    I also like “The Riddler” by Methodman for Batman Forever
    #2 Does he need a reason to display his tools of destruction- uhm no, he’s Joker

  • Grace E. Joyce

    Actually, Nicholson’s Joker also had the Prince song “Partyman” to work with.