5 Reasons Why The Release Of ‘Justice League’ Is A Success

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Justice LeagueJustice League was released not long ago to mostly mediocre reviews and the box office results so far have been disappointing to say the least. It was definitely not the response that was wanted from this film, but this was something that many were expecting. Now, Justice League may not have achieved the kind of success that Warner Bros. and DC were hoping it would be, but it’s still one from a much different perspective. Just think about how many years it took for this superhero team-up movie to actually happen.

The Avengers broke new ground in proving that an interconnected superhero universe could work on the big screen back  when it was first released. Justice League had a lot of things to move through to get to where it is. It had to step through the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and feel fresh while doing so, but also set up the future of the DC Extended Universe since it was an introduction for so many iconic characters. The road to Justice League‘s release was definitely a bumpy one, but it actually being realized is an incredible achievement on its own and there are several other reasons why the film is most certainly a success.

Here are 5 reasons why Justice League‘s release is a success. Click Next to continue

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Marquis de Sade

    This article is mired in denial and madness!

    • 39steps

      Amen brother. See above.

    • Clark

      You are the madness here troll

  • 39steps

    Reason 1.
    The dismal financial failure of Justice League to not even make the money of Doctor Strange (DOCTOR STRANGE!) proves once and for all that Warner Bros. has no idea what it’s doing. This makes Justice League a huge success.

    Reason 2.
    The firing of Zach Snyder along with the backdoor hiring of Joss Whedon (just for writing touch-ups of course) followed by Warner execs editing the film against both Snyders and Whedons wishes, expose the lie of Warners claiming to be a filmmaker driven studio. This makes Justice League a huge success.

    Reason 3.
    Justice League provided hours upon hours of joyful entertainment for those actual filmmakers and professionals working alongside Kevin Feige to create the amazing Marvel Cinematic Universe. This makes Justice League a huge success.

    Reason 4.
    As if Tom Cruise’s The Mummy didn’t do the job already, Justice League has shown all movie studios not named Marvel what happens when you let a pack of inept Ayn Rand loving ‘creatives’ turn a beloved stable of characters into a gloomy, morose, joyless, jar of piss carrying, superheroes with all the charisma of heroin addicts. This makes Justice League a huge success.

    Reason 5.
    Finally, for exposing the obvious brain trauma of Christian Michael Stoic for all his friends and family to see, thus enabling him to get the medical treatment he so desperately needs. This makes Justice League a huge success.

    • Clark

      How much is Disney paying you for that tripe ?

      • 39steps


  • Matias Gagliardone

    If you need an article just so people don’t think it’s a failure then it’s probably a failure, I personally liked more it a little bit more than disliked it but I understand why many people hate it.

    • Clark

      Actually most people like it.

      • 39steps

        Not according to the box office.

        • Clark

          Its multipler is 2.4 Thats good

          • 39steps

            Except you’re multiplying $93 million. For the Justice League movie. The new definintion of failure.

  • Doge

    Hmm, let’s see here. JL is the second biggest movie ever made, whooping budget of 300 million dollars + marketing, I’d say at around 150. Movie earned only 600 million and is considered a box office bomb. It has all these superheros in there, Batman, Superman, even WW couldn’t save this trainwreck.

    It’s crazy how Iron Man, a C-list superhero and an unknown property earned more in its opening weekend than a movie about Justice League. That tells you a lot. People are tired of these DC movies, everyone knows they rushed it to compete with the Avengers and I’m really glad they failed. Marvel took big risks and chances to build and establish their universe and that’s something to respect, DC took the easy route. Most of their movies were panned by audiences and critics alike, including this one.

    They crammed 3 main characters into this movie trying to establish each one, the other 3 were semi-established given their previous movies. Then they decided to turn every character into comic relief, even Batman, the brooding, calculated risk taker that later into the movie decides to throw logic out the window because the plot needs to move forward. Too much things that were never truly explained, Steppenwolf’s true intentions for example. Absolute overload of CGI, and it’s a movie with 300 million dollar budget yet CGI somehow managed to look atrocious most of the time even laughable and noticeable at some points of the movie. Obvious reshoots during Aquaman’s introduction in Iceland and Superman’s horrible missing upper lip, just some on the long list of this movie’s failures.

    Director driven studio, Zack Snyder goes away, they bring Joss Whedon to polish the movie, Joss reportedly made the opening scene too comedic so they cut it back to dark. That’s your director driven studio right there. Lest we forget Kevin Tsujihara’s mandate of the movie being 2hrs long so it can open to more cinemas and rack up more money. Butchered the movie completely. There’s nothing to celebrate here, I’d rather have it the other way, brick by brick, establish everyone and then bring them together. This movie had no emotional depth or depth of any kind. It was made just to be made and that’s why it wasn’t successful.

    • De Bastia

      Man , u nerds dont have girlfriends lol wtf do u do everyday lol lol lol read blogs? 😉 dam

      • Sire Joe

        Says the guy posting on a super hero website lol Ironnnyyyyyyy

      • Jared M. Bobak

        your reading the same article, bub

  • David

    This article is reaching

    • 39steps

      Oh, it’s reaching alright. It’s reaching for a bottle of anti-hallucination pills.

  • 39steps

    Oh it’s reaching alright. It’s reaching for a bottle of anti-hallucination pills.

  • October_1985

    You’re drunk

  • Arin

    You literally gave no reason why the movie is a success. You just stated the potential it had with good actors and good directors but nothing about THE movie Justice League! You’re an idiot and should honestly be fired from your job for writing this garbage. This is embarrassing for you and your company. You’re a joke

  • jake

    Ah yes, a success indeed. A success that didn’t make any real money

    • Clark

      Actually It broke even with 600 Million

      • Axxell

        Hence the “real money” part…

      • How much money have Warner spend? U$ 300 million?
        It’s a flop, unfortunately.

        • Clark

          Nope it isnt and variety already listed it broke even

      • Marquis de Sade

        Clark, those voices you hear in your head aren’t your friends, but a reminder to take your daily dose of Lithium…THIS MOVIE IS AN UNMITIGATED FLOP!

        • Clark

          You are beyond crazy. In your INSANE Logic few Movies would be profitable.
          Newsflash moron. Batman Begins is a flop in your view then, X-Men first Class, Thor ect.. should i keep going you lunatic

          • Marquis de Sade

            Clark, the difference with those films, was the producers were playing the long game, which played out in the long run…but in the case of dceu, their releases have progressively under-performed financially, artistically, or both…Instead of trending upward (like your aforementioned), dceu are steadily trending downward (with the lone exception of Wonder Woman)…Sorry, son, but you have no argument.

          • Clark

            Yeah sure WW underperformed. Its you that has no argument son. SS made huge even without china

  • Sam Berney

    This article is atrocious. Not only is it reaching in subject but these reasons aren’t even reasons. You could at least draw from actual reasons within the film like “Flash’s intro was a success” or “we may finally see Darkseid on the big screen.”

  • Jacob Stohler

    This article is just bananas. WB threw everything at JL, from its top director to it’s best characters to its most intense marketing. And they still finished behind Thor 3. This is literally the new definition of failure.

  • Clark

    Look at the vile trolls in the comments showing how insane they are

  • Clark

    True article But the sheep are to vile to see it

  • Tamara Bond-Williams

    I enjoyed Justice League, and saw it twice. That said, this article is click bait nonsense. I’m sorry I fell for it.

  • Cj

    I loved the movie and it grossed more than 2x it’s production cost so it’s not a failure

    • Manannán

      nor is Great Wall? LOL

    • It needs to gross 2.5 – 3 times of the production budget.. means It needs to gross atleast 750M-800M to breakeven..theatre owners get half of the revenue..let’s not forget the marketing expenses..

      • Clark

        You are an idiot that means Hollywood would be banktrupt because few Movies make 3 times its budget. Batman Begins and X-Men First Class, X-Men was flops to then. And we all know they werent

  • Axxell

    What do you think of Justice League? Do you agree with our list?


    Christian, I may not have always agreed with your opinions, but at the most basic, at least I respected your attempt to provide a different perspective.

    This…This I cannot. It’s an article just for the sake of writing one. All you do is essentially claim that because they made it to theaters, it’s a success. A metric that makes Catwoman, Glitter and Gigli a hit, based on your standards.

  • mystichdx

    So, to summarize, Justice League is a “success” because WB:

    1. Shunned plot, story, and CGI quality to finish on time.

    2. Blithely and defiantly stuck to a formula proven time and time again to only produce crappy movies.

    3. Stole from other media’s Justice League idea.

    4. Pirated Marvel’s shared comic universe idea.

    5. Played well together long enough to make a movie — just like hundreds of other groups do every year.

    Christan, seriously, please seek professional counseling.

  • This list is trraaaassh

  • GP

    Still better than The Last Jedi

    • Really? I’ve seen Last Jedi yesterday..It’s not that bad..I know there’s a lot of twist and craziness atleast it’s not predictable as everyone expected it.. only 80’s hardcore fanboys hated it..

  • Renan Ishin

    I really loved so much this movie that’s already my best superheroe movie. I know that we have others extremely goods but was amazing watch this group together

  • Teto85

    I like the DCEU movies, but the DCAU are so much better. If only they could dub Kevin Conroy onto whoever is playing Bruce/Batmen.

  • KenFromCalifornia

    So sad…it’s come to the point where DC is granted a “participation trophy” by this writer, simply for making a movie that could have been made back when Tim Burton was making his Batman movies.

    Zack Snyder clearly had a chaotic vision (Bruce Waune being assaulted in prison??!) that is not working. A movie featuring A-List characters from DC struggling to compete with Marvel’s C-List Dr. Strange? And losing mightily to C-List GotG?

    How pitiful this article is.

    • Clark

      MCU trolls are vile and pitiful

      • Matias Gagliardone

        Why would you say he’s a troll? I just don’t get it, everything he said is true, a Justice League movie should be 10 times better than any Marvel movie just because you have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and GREEN LANTERN in it. Sadly it didn’t compete with unknown characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy.

        • Clark

          Did you even watch the movie 🤦‍♂️

          • Matias Gagliardone

            Yes I did and I mentioned Green Lantern because he should have been in it. I’m telling you right now so you don’t call me sheep or anything that I love DC comics and I can’t stand Marvel comics but movie-wise Marvel is kicking DC’s butt.

          • Clark

            Only because critics are saying it ans sheep follow

          • Matias Gagliardone

            Since your little brain doesn’t seem to comprehend I’ll try to explain in simpler words: I LOVE the DC characters with all my life and they are not doing them justice, I don’t care for critics I always form my own opinion and the truth is they’re being wasted in those movies. I just hope Green Lantern Corps is better.

          • Clark

            Aquaman is coming in Dec from mastermind James Wan

          • Matias Gagliardone

            I know it’s coming and I think it has high chances of being good, but I am more concerned with GLC since it’s the closest thing to a teamup movie, the DCEU solo movies were good or good enough but the teams have left a lot to be desired.

  • Jeda

    “Any film that is made and released is a big success”…. That’s all.

  • CyrilEbonyc

    Great article!

  • Clark

    For the pea brains http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/box-office-report-claims-justice-league-must-clear-600-million-to-turn-a-profit/

    It already did that. These pathetic trolls trying to miscredit are really showing how insane they are

  • Carl

    1. Denial
    2. Delusion
    3. Fanboyism
    4. Fugue state
    5. Dementia