7 Reasons Why ‘The Last Jedi’ Could Be The Best ‘Star Wars’ Film Yet

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The-Last-JediWe’re less than three months away from seeing where the story started by Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to go and we can all admit we’re more than excited. We haven’t seen much from Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet but what has been revealed so far has just accelerated speculation, intensity and the impatience of many fans.

But what will the movie be like? Will it be a great Star Wars film? Will people compare it unfavourably to The Empire Strikes Back? Will it severely disappoint? Well in this writer’s opinion, there is significant evidence to suggest that Star Wars: The Last Jedi could very well be the best Star Wars we might ever see. It’s a bold, ambitious statement that can’t be truly proved yet, but here in this list we will look at what is there before us to suggest such a thing could be true.

Here are 7 reasons why The Last Jedi could be the best Star Wars film to date. Click Next to get started.

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  • Copeland Holt

    I completely agree, especially with the tone and color of the footage from the teaser. I was slightly concerned with Rian Johnson having so much control until I saw Looper.. Sci-Fi Noir, Telekenesis and Amputations? After I saw that movie I thought yeah, Episode 8(mid-trilogy) is in good hands. My gut tells me this will be my favorite Star Wars film or at least top 3.