7 Reasons Why ‘The Last Jedi’ Could Be The Best ‘Star Wars’ Film Yet

1. Middle Chapters Can Be The Best

Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

In film trilogies, a great first film is everything, a solid conclusion is needed, and the second part is the most important… but also the most difficult to nail. There are many examples of terrible sequels, but what’s worse is when that sequel is the worst of a respective trilogy, like Iron Man 2Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomStar Trek: Into DarknessOcean’s TwelveMission: Impossible IIHannibalThree Colors: White, and Men in Black II.

Luckily, those examples are films that didn’t know how to further their characters in the narrative, and thus are stuck in repetition. The best second films, like Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Dark Knight, Dawn of the Planet of the ApesThe Godfather Part IIX2: X-Men UnitedSpider-Man 2Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanAliensBefore Sunset, and indeed, The Empire Strikes Back, all found new ground to break. The Last Jedi has all the potential to craft an extended adventure that lasts as a great sequel — regardless of franchise — just like all the great ones.

  • Copeland Holt

    I completely agree, especially with the tone and color of the footage from the teaser. I was slightly concerned with Rian Johnson having so much control until I saw Looper.. Sci-Fi Noir, Telekenesis and Amputations? After I saw that movie I thought yeah, Episode 8(mid-trilogy) is in good hands. My gut tells me this will be my favorite Star Wars film or at least top 3.