5 Reasons To Revive ‘Batman Beyond’

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Batman BeyondIt’s a great time for fans of DC animation. A long awaited third season of Young Justice has finally been announced. This is alongside the slew of animated movies, which unlike the live-action DC films, have generally received great critical praise.

The next in the long line of DC animated films is Batman and Harley Quinn. It boasts a return to the creative style of Bruce Timm’s DC Animated Universe, and brings back the voice talents of Batman: The Animated Series stars Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester as Batman and Nightwing, respectively.

This is the closest we’ve come to a new DCAU series in more than 10 years. So why stop there? We last heard from the DCAU when Justice Leauge Unlimited ended in 2006. Though that series ended with a satisfying resolution involving an epic battle with Darkseid, there’s another series that never got real closure, that has plenty of untapped potential: Batman Beyond

The futuristic series ran on Kids WB from 1999 – 2001. It featured a young Batman, Terry McGinnis, taking up the mantle from an elderly Bruce Wayne, who guided the teen from the shadows. Despite the show’s critical and commercial success, WB wanted to take the network in a lighter direction, and unceremoniously pulled the show after a measly 52 episodes.

Though the show ended nearly 15 years ago, it’s remained an iconic iteration of Batman. It was so darkly distinctive, with its fantastic animation, mature storytelling and shocking violence. These distinctive qualities have allowed Batman Beyond to survive in comic book form to this day. It’s been part of the mainstream DC comics canon for years now, and through its many different storylines has shown remarkable creative staying power.

This suggests that there’s plenty of reason for Batman Beyond to come back to the air. With Batman and Harley Quinn’s imminent release, and the revival of Young Justice looming, the time is ripe for a Batman Beyond revival. Here are the 5 reasons why. Click next to get started!

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Aaron Berke

Aaron Berke

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  • Nathan_12thMan

    It should be a live action show. Find a good, young, up and coming actor to be the lead (along with a great 60-70 year old actor to play Bruce) and give us a live-action Batman show (NOT CW STYLE, more Netflix Marvel style like DD or Cloak & Dagger) but it’s set like ~20 years in the future and Batman isn’t Bruce, so I would hope that would help DC/WB green light it rather than say “we aren’t making a show about Batman, don’t want to confuse fans or mess with our precious Batman product.”

    I would happily take a new animated series but Batman Beyond is RIPE for a live action imagining.

  • Boy Wonder

    I have seen all the episodes of Batman Beyond and I like it alot. I personally believe that Batman Beyond has great potential to produce something thrilling stories.

  • Rachael Thomson

    I definitely think bring batman beyond back and a few other cartoons back

  • Stephanie Foraci

    I think I have a question: Is the reboot of “Batman Beyond” really going to be on Cartoon Network?