5 Reasons Warner Bros. Needs To Fast-Track The ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

Superman’s Villains


Even though he’s been in over seven films altogether, Superman’s o-nscreen villains have never really gotten past Lex Luthor and General Zod. Those two characters and their minions have dominated the Man of Steel’s o-nscreen portrayals. Since being created in the 1930s, Superman has gathered a myriad of villains in the comics to challenge him in different and unique ways.

Many have been clamoring for Brainiac, considered to be one of Superman’s top villains, to appear in a movie. Brainiac was supposed to appear in Superman III before being replaced by the character of Richard Prior. There are also others like Metallo, Toyman, The Elite, Parasite, Livewire, Intergang and more to consider. The sky is the limit and the films shouldn’t just rest on the laurels of Luthor and Zod. A different variety of villains would challenge Superman in unique ways yet to be seen on screen.

  • Nick Farina

    Hopefully they’re well into pre-production and are keeping their cards close to their chest and an announcement will ride on the heals of Supes’ return in JL.

    If not, Geoff Johns needs to get his sh*t together and take better care of the core DC players. Enough with C-List Batman character solo flicks. Give Big Blue the film he and fans deserve.

    • Jack Silsan

      Damn right. Who cares about 327283 Joker-verse movies starring Harley Quinn? I want to watch Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, Cyborg and Man of Steel!!!

      • Nick Farina

        DC has this bizarre track record of doubling down on their mistakes. Hence, BvS doubling down on the criticisms in MOS (which I loved), and 9,000 Harley Quinn movies based soley on the financial success of Suicide Squad, a universally panned film and a bloody mess of a narrative. Instead of making sure everything’s done to keep Ben in the Batsuit and getting MOS2 made, it seems all their energies are being focused on these C-List Bat-universe films. Dumb and dumb.

        • Slim Shazy

          Superman is…. kinda dead at the time. WB announcing his sequel, while his currently dead, doesn’t make much sense. After his return in JL, watch them announce the release date a week after.

  • Jack Silsan

    About Lek (yes, with “K”; only Brazilians will get it) Luthor: https://twitter.com/Jacksilsan/status/911316096397008896

  • John Grice

    This is actually a very good article and I agree with everything you wrote!

  • Grifter

    Superb article!