8 Reasons Why DC’s TV Shows Are Better Than Marvel’s

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DC TV Better Marvel TV
While the superheroes are taking turns bringing their A-game to the big screen, the small screen has seen its fair share of superheroes as well. With comic book movies boom being at an all-time high, television series have also arisen to take their place, showing off more heroes in a smaller budget. These series have ranged in quality from being widely loved to widely criticized on both sides of DC and Marvel, but in general it seems as if DC has produced some of the better shows. While Marvel has so far done better on the big screen, DC has taken up the mantle of television dominance. They have created multiple series for different networks and have made some great TV content over the past few years. DC has also out-shined Marvel for several years and with competition increasing, it’s a good time to look at the reasons why that is. Click next to take a look. 

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic is a writer, filmmaker, and comic lover from Los Angeles, CA. Heroic Hollywood is his introduction into the world of Journalism which...

  • Marquis de Sade

    Oh Christian, it must be terribly lonely livin’ in that special place called BIZZARRO WORLD. Give my regards to Solomon Grundy.


  • Maxi Iroh

    Supergirl is plain bad, Gotham was horrible in the first season so i dropped, Lucifer got tiring really fast, The Flash hasn’t been good since S1, Constantine was okay and season 4 of Arrow was Supergirl level of quality.

    On the other hand Preacher, iZombie and the animated shows are just amazing, LoT has gotten way better since Hawkgirl left and Arrow S5 is on par with S1/2.

    Daredevil S1 is the only Marvel show to have a good season through and through, JJ dropped hard after playing house, the amazing start of DD S2 had a bigger fall than JJ, LC was okay until the retarded villain showed up, i dropped Iron Fist after the second episode, Agents of Shield has an abysmal first season, the second starts better but goes downhill but not to the same level of S1, but i still dropped it.

    Nothing is perfect.

  • feast for

    This is not fair, you’re using the mighty Batman TAS, JLU and Young Justice as leverage to the mediocre Arrow that has nothing of it’s predecesors, Animation wise DC has always been the winner, even if at this precise point they are a little underused, JL Action is still better than whatever Marvel is pretending to do.
    Animation and historically, yes DC has the edge, but if we go to the current moment, even with the stupid flaw of not bringing the A list to the shows and not using the B list in some movie, Marvel shows still are more respectful than Arrow or LoT are, Flash might be respectful even if it stumbles here and there but Flash alone can’t match the Devil and AoS

  • Gilles Ja

    Hem… no.

  • Axxell