7 Reasons Why ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Failed

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Marvel Inhumans ABCThe premiere episodes of the ABC Marvel’s Inhumans has already aired with good ratings for ABC, stronger than the Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the final season of Agent Carter but this does not mean it is a success.

Marvel’s Inhumans has been dragged through the mud with critics, many lambasting it as the worst thing Marvel Studios has ever been involved with, and a serious low-point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have seen these episodes of Inhumans and I can honestly say that ever criticism is apt. It’s even more apt to say that Inhumans has failed as a series because of its incredibly low approval for its pilot episodes. So how did it happen? Who’s to blame? What reasons can be found to why something that Marvel Studios were trying to do for years has now been reviled by many?

This list is here to detail those reasons why Inhumans failed. Click Next to find out!

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  • Jon-Enee Merriex

    Black Bolt was terrible. He looked like he was constipated the entire time.

    Also, it’s important to note, the reason Feige didn’t want to do the Inhumans was because he didn’t feel there was a compelling story. Perlmutter has been harping on them for years as an “f-u” to Fox and the Donner Company.

    Ultimately, top to bottom, this was a clusterf*$& and everyone at Disney is to blame.

    • KungFuCthulhu

      The only reason a movie was greenlit in the first place was because Perlmutter wouldn’t let Feige do Black Panther or Captain Marvel unless he agreed to it. Looking at Perlmutter’s political views and executive actions suggest that this has a lot to do with his backwards views of any superhero that isn’t a white man.

  • Tom Foolery

    “I have nothing against Scott Buck.”

    Really? Do you not remember how Dexter ended?

  • Ann Marie Garone

    I actually think iwan did a pretty good job. I do agree that it was like Ramsey grew a heart and had an American accent and took over the iron throne but I don’t think he is to blame. The writing doesn’t help.. and it all about direction. So the director has a huge part in that.

    • Isobel

      yeah I view Maximus as the protagonist, so he joins blackbolt and lockjaw as the best things in inhumans

  • Jonesey

    I completely agree when it comes to Scott Buck and especially the director, but the show is not that terrible and certainly better than 95% of the crap that’s on TV. It took me away did have time to get used to maximus’s American accent, but after awhile it wasn’t even noticeable as being awkward. I can’t say the same about the fight scenes, which lacked any kind of fluidity or spectacle, but I will still give this show a full season given that there’s nothing else on to watch on Fridays.