Rebecca Romijn Joins ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ As Iconic Character

Rebecca Romijn Star Trek Number OneIn a recent post, actress Rebecca Romijn shared an image of her holding the iconic Star Trek symbol on Twitter after her casting in Star Trek: Discovery was revealed.

In the post, she showed herself holding the symbol and stated how honored she was to be a part of the cast and play a role in the Star Trek universe:

Just call me “Number One!” Honored to play such an iconic character in #StarTrek Canon originally played by the First Lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett-Roddeberry! #StarTrekDiscovery

You can see the full tweet below.

Iconic, however, may not be the right term for the character. The character in question was an unnamed female officer played by the late Majel Barrett. The character appeared in an unaired pilot that focused around a character by the name of Captain Pike. Since the failure of the original pilot the character has gone on to be used as a supporting character in the rebooted Star Trek films. In addition, the character was recently announced as a supporting player in Discovery and will be played by Hell on Wheels and Inhumans actor Anson Mount. The legacy of Majel Barrett’s original Star Trek character, however, is a bit more controversial.

She was reportedly only cast in the role because she was dating the then married Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, which infuriated studio executives. William Shatner also stated in his memoirs that her character wasn’t particularly well liked by female test audiences. Barrett would eventually go on to play Nurse Chapel in the main series as well as a number of other well regarded, reoccurring roles throughout the franchise’s history during her lifetime. These roles most notably included the voice of various computers and her role in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine as Lwaxana Troi, the mother of Next Gen character, Deanna Troi. Rebecca Romijn, however, should have no problem topping her original role.

10 Great Potential Directors For DC’s ‘Green Lantern Corps’

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Green Lantern Corps DC ComicsGreen Lantern Corps has been on the DC Films slate for quite some time, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything solid about the project. The film’s original release date was slated for 2020 yet no director, casting announcement or any real progress has been made so far. Warner Bros. and DC failed to lay the groundwork for the film by introducing a Green Lantern as a member of the Justice League (except for a small cameo in a flashback). It is safe to assume Warner Bros. wants to have a good amount of time to distance the general audience from the disastrous 2011 Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds. Yet now approaching seven years one has to wonder when this film will get off the ground? The success of Guardians of the Galaxy has proven no concept is too far out there for the general movie going audience and DC could have its own intergalactic saga to compete with Marvel by making this movie.

Warner Bros. and DC even have an interesting hook to separate Green Lantern Corps from not only Guardians of the Galaxy but also every other major superhero film. The DC project is supposedly a “buddy cop film set in space.” Basically Lethal Weapon meets Star Trek. Or even for a more modern reference, The Nice Guys meets Mass Effect. That’s a great pitch for any movie. Green Lantern Corps needs to be a higher priority for the studio than Lobo, Nightwing or that Joker origin movie.

The first step is finding the right director for the project. David S. Goyer, who has written a draft of the script, was rumored to be in talks to helm the project, but Warner Bros. and DC are paving a new path forward so they may want to try getting a better director. Hundreds of directors make interesting films every year and given the recent success of Black Panther, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok, it’s clear that some of the best choices come from unconventional places.

These are the ten directors that should be on Warner Bros. and DC’s radar to help bring the Green Lantern Corps to the big screen. Click Next to get started!

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