Reed Morano Talks About Possibility Of Directing ‘Captain Marvel’; Comments On Interest & Direction

We’ve currently yet to get any official news regarding the team that will bring Captain Marvel to life on the big screen other than screenwriters Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman. There’s been plenty of names tossed around regarding a potential director, which Marvel is likely after before signing an actress for the lead, and recently Meadowland director Reed Morano threw her name into the mix for the film with Olivia Wilde as a potential lead. While speaking with MCU Exchange, the director commented on what heavily sparked her interest in the project. 

I just want to tell good stories with rich, complex characters. Carol Danvers’ story is the perfect example of that, with stories like her battle with alcoholism as she is losing her powers and her struggle with the loss of her memories. It excites me to see her story told because she’s a female superhero that is completely three dimensional and compelling. She has flaws and she is struggling.

Moran admitted that she’s not a comic geek and that she knows what she does mainly from “watching superhero movies all my life” before going on to comment on what attracts her to this genre of film. 

What attracts me most about this genre is the characters often have this self-destructive behavior, which goes against the grain of what you expect from a superhero. This is especially evident in Marvel films, such as Iron Man. They don’t have to be likeable, and that dichotomy exists of having all these otherworldly powers yet barely able to squash their own demons.

When the director was asked about what she would bring to the project, Morano commented that she believes female comic book characters are often diminished. 

There’ve been Marvel superheroes brought to the screen successfully in a way that retained their flaws and layers from the original comic but sometimes when these complex female characters get translated to the screen, they often become less interesting and layered than the way they were originally written. They sometimes become more about a being an image – a physical female ideal. As an audience member, I would love to watch a film with an intelligent, badass female superhero who is [frick]ed up inside and has to work to overcome that – someone who has a dynamic character arc and who is going on a tumultuous journey. Humanizing superheroes and making the audience connect more to them emotionally has the power to result in a much more impactful cinematic experience. In Meadowland one of the things I explored, was trying to create as visceral an experience as possible for the viewer – to allow the audience to connect and empathize with that couple even though they were being unpredictable. I feel like Olivia and I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what we’re capable of together.

While Reed Morano may not have much directing experience under her belt, that hasn’t stopped Marvel Studios before. Just recently they snagged up Jon Watts for their upcoming Spider-Man reboot after his first film debuted at Sundance. Could we see them sit down with Morano? Would you be interested in that after reading her comments? Let us know in the section below.

Source: MCU Exchange


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