Rick Not Safe On ‘The Walking Dead’ According To Robert Kirkman

When fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead discuss characters that they think are untouchable when it comes to leaving the show, Rick Grimes is often at the top of the list. According to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman during a Reddit AMA, he explained that Rick is not off limits.

Reddit user maxforce54 asked “Do Rick die?” during the Q&A, Kirkman responded, while mocking the misuse of grammar, “He do eventually.”

Kirkman has described the show as a movie that never ends, so it would make sense that characters would need to evolve and leave the show during the series never-ending lifespan.

The Dead creator is no stranger to fan outrage. During the most recent season finale, fans took to the Internet to express their outrage over the cliffhanger ending. While he did apologize, his comments read as a non-apology, encouraging fans to look forward to next season.

Source: Reddit AMA 


Chelsea Lewis

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