Riverdale 1.11 ‘To Riverdale And Back Again’ Review

Riverdale To Riverdale And Back Again ReviewThis week on Riverdale, Homecoming loomed as Betty felt the squeeze of responsibility, Archie’s mom came back into his life, and Hiram Lodge got one step closer to freedom thanks to Veronica and Hermione’s testimony. On the Jones front, Jughead tried his best to reconnect with FP, who was now at the top of the suspect list.

When Jughead goes to visit FP, FP reveals he read Jughead’s manuscript about Jason’s murder – the very thing Jughead has been narrating from at the beginning of every episode. FP ultimately advises Jughead to move on.

Alice is up to her usual scheming over at the school paper and she tries to set Veronica and Betty on witch-hunts concerning FP and Joaquin, but Betty isn’t having it. Later on, Veronica returns and says that she’ll discover the truth about FP in order to find out the truth about her father’s involvement, or lack thereof.

At school, Veronica and Archie talk about their moment – their make-out session and non-sexual sleepover – and Archie at least wants to sing a duet with Veronica if nothing else, but she wants to forget the moment ever happened. When Archie asks Betty if he can sing at Homecoming, Betty is initially hesitant but Veronica changes her tune and jumps in and says she’ll sing with Archie, which she later reveals as a ploy to get Archie on the FP witch-hunt bandwagon.

That night, Jughead tells Archie about his dad’s interest in his writing and it sets off Archie’s spidey sense. He immediately runs over to Veronica’s to say he’s on board with investigating FP. Both of the teens agree that neither Jughead or Betty can find out about their investigation.

As Betty is setting up for the big event, Polly calls and talks about the fact she’s getting closer to the truth about the Blossoms, indicating that she feels there’s something suspicious in Clifford and Penelope’s room. After the call, Jughead approaches Betty and reveals that Alice invited him and FP over to dinner at the Coopers.

When Cheryl and Polly are preparing for Homecoming, Polly suggests they borrow some of Penelope’s jewelry as an excuse to get into the room. As they’re looking around, they discover the family engagement ring Jason gave to Polly, and Polly is convinced Jason would have never given that up willingly.

After the discovery, Penelope and Polly talk about how she obtained the ring. Penelope says Jason threw it in Clifford’s face in his final rebuke of his family and their name before he intended to run away with Polly. When Cheryl confronts her parents about the story, they claim it’s true and claim they should’ve paid more attention to Cheryl, who has proven to be a true Blossom. Cheryl then says she flushed the ring down the toilet to get rid of it and get it out of everyone’s lives.

Meanwhile, Polly has passed out from a sedative Penelope put into her shake to keep her away from Homecoming and stop her snooping.

At the awkward dinner between Betty, Alice, Jughead, and FP, Alice grills FP into an uncomfortable silence before Hal Cooper shows up to raise the awkward to a whole new level. Hal reveals Alice’s brick-throwing incident and sends FP down a path of rebuttal where he begins to recount a story of witnessing Alice and Hal fighting about something important once-upon-a-time.

Using the dinner as cover, Veronica and Archie sneak into FP’s house and snoop about, but the two don’t find anything worthwhile.

Elsewhere, Mary’s presence throws Archie for a bit of a loop as she and Fred seem to fall back into old habits as if nothing has changed. She reveals that she and Fred are going to the dance, and that she invited Hermione to join them.

Before Homecoming gets underway, Jughead steals a moment with his father and says he wants to come home. FP is excited at the prospect of having his family back together and says he’d like them all to move to a different city and away from Riverdale.

When Archie and Veronica arrive at the dance, they stop and talk with Alice and Betty spies the trio. Their connection immediately tips her off that something is going on. Before they can get into it however, Archie and Veronica are called to take the stage to perform. As they light up Homecoming, the police arrive at FP’s house to search the premise and discover a revolver.

After the performance, Betty confronts Veronica and Archie about working with Alice. Jughead walks in on the conversation and Archie comes clean with Jughead about what’s been going on. Jughead is upset by this revelation and interprets this news to mean that Betty was in on the plan. As they’re all discussing, Kevin, Fred, Mary, and Hermione run into the hallway and reveal that FP was just arrested for Jason’s murder. Jughead immediately runs out of the school and to his dad’s trailer.

At the Coopers, Betty asks Alice if she was the one who tipped off Sheriff Keller about FP and she denies it. Betty then storms out to find Jughead saying, “Do not push me tonight mom, because I will push back.”

At the Lodges, Hermione warns Veronica that FP may drag them and their dealings with the Serpents into this. Hermione promises that if Hiram had anything to do with the murder, they will cut him out of their lives, but Veronica wisely says that may not be so easy.

At the Andrews, Mary drops the offer of moving to Chicago on Archie, saying Riverdale isn’t a safe town anymore.

At the Blossoms, Cheryl spies her mother breaking down over the arrest and reveals to the camera she still has the engagement ring.

At Pops, Veronica and Archie tell Betty that when they were in FP’s trailer, they looked through the very closet the lockbox with the gun was found in and didn’t see anything. The lockbox was planted in the trailer after Archie and Veronica left.

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