‘Riverdale’ 1.12 ‘Anatomy Of A Murder’ Review

Riverdale Anatomy of a MurderThis week on Riverdale, the core four did everything they could to clear FP’s name, even though Jughead’s dad confessed to everything. However, other characters started to come forward with information, revealing things they’d done that FP had claimed he was guilty of. Slowly, the truth about Jason’s murder unraveled, until Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Kevin got their hands on a video which revealed the ultimate truth … and a murderer. Major spoilers to follow.

Picking up right where last episode left off, Betty, Archie, and Veronica head out from Pops and gather their parents to tell them about what they discovered – or didn’t – at FP’s house. However, Fred, Mary, Alice, and Hermione aren’t having it and forbid them from going to the police, lest they implicate themselves. They’re also unconvinced of FP’s innocence.

At the Lodge’s, Hermione is in panic mode, concerned that she’s a known associate of FP’s. While she’s ready to run, Veronica says that will look guilty, but Hermione rightly points out that she is guilty: of paying off the Serpents, bribing the mayor, and forging Veronica’s signature. When Veronica calls Archie to talk about the events, Archie reveals that he and Betty are looking for Jughead and Veronica wisely suggests the once place that’s open 24-7, Pops. The trio find Jughead at the diner and tell him of the planted gun.

At the police station, Sheriff Keller is grilling FP about killing Jason. FP then reveals the story of helping a teen get a car to get out of the city with his pregnant girlfriend in exchange for the teen running some drugs for him. When FP realized the teen he was helping was Jason Blossom, he devised a plan to kidnap Jason and ransom him for money. After Cheryl and Jason had their episode in the river, FP abducted Jason and held him in the basement of the White Worm while he tried to devise a plan to get money from Clifford Blossom. However, FP says Jason tried to escape and that’s when he shot him. FP then says he put Jason’s body in a freezer and later dumped it in the river since it had already been searched by police. With the story revealed, FP Jones then admits to killing Jason Blossom. As Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica show up at the police station to talk about the planted gun, FP is totted by them in handcuffs and his admission of guilt is revealed.

At school, Kevin, Betty, Archie, and Veronica sit around the lunch table talking about what to do next. Nearby, Cheryl is being comforted by a number of classmates – that’s when Jughead walks in. He approaches Cheryl and tells her he’s sorry but she bursts into tears and starts beating on him before Archie pulls her off. In the bathroom, Betty confronts Cheryl about what just transpired and Cheryl admits that it still doesn’t really feel like things are truly over.

That night at the Coopers, Betty hears a noise that wakes her in the middle of the night. As she heads downstairs to investigate, she runs into her mother, who’s carrying a loaded gun. The two head into the basement and find Hal grabbing the files he stole from the Sheriff’s house. He then reveals to the women that he was the one who stole the files and admits that there’s more to the story behind the Blossom-Cooper feud. Betty’s great-grandfather, the one who was murdered, was actually a Blossom, meaning that Betty … and Polly are Blossoms by blood, which means that Polly and Jason were distant relatives. This relationship was the driving force behind Hal’s desire to get Polly an abortion.

The Coopers then storm over to the Blossoms to get Polly. As the group barges in, Alice reveals the family incest, which Penelope and Clifford are far less horrified about than they should be. Polly is rightfully horrified and leaves with her family.

In the early morning, Jughead and Archie talk to Mary at Pops about FP. Mary reveals that FP is still sticking to his story but that his one phone call was to Joaquin. She then encourages Jughead to go talk to FP while he can.

At the prison, Jughead reveals all his pain, anguish, and disappointment with FP. When Jughead asks if FP is even sorry, all he can say is: “Sorry I got caught.” He then tells Jughead to never return, but Jughead senses something isn’t right and calls Betty to tell her.

Kevin, Veronica, and Archie confront Joaquin about the phone call. Joaquin then reveals a different phone call he received on July 11, in which FP asked Joaquin to help with a clean-up job. When he went to the White Worm, he walked in to find Jason’s body – gunshot wound and all. Joaquin and FP then cleaned up Jason’s body and stored it in the freezer. Joaquin also reveals that another Serpent named Mustang knew about the clean-up job. The group then demands Joaquin take them to see this Mustang.

At a motel, Joaquin and the group enter Mustang’s room to find him dead in the bathtub, needle in his arm. Joaquin and Kevin flee the scene and tell Archie and Veronica to call the Sheriff. When the Sheriff, Fred, and Hermione arrive, they start to grill Archie and Veronica, but the two are saved when a police officer comes out of the room carrying a case of money bearing the initials H.L. Veronica then tells Sheriff Keller that the initials are for Hiram Lodge but Hermione stops her before she can say anymore.

At the Blossoms, Cheryl confronts her mother about the day at the river. She asks why Jason was shunned and what it was he couldn’t handle about being a Blossom. Cheryl then suggests that maybe Jason was running from something regarding the family business and Penelope drags Cheryl to the family barn, which is full of maple syrup casks … or are they? She insists it’s crazy to think that either she or Clifford killed Jason.

At the bus station, Kevin says goodbye to Joaquin before he gets on a bus out of town. Before Joaquin goes, he tells Kevin that there’s something else he needs to know. Kevin then calls Jughead and Betty and asks them to meet him at the spot where the car was burned, saying that Joaquin said there was a special hiding spot there. The trio dig around and discover Jason’s letter jacket in a bag. They then take the jacket and call in Archie and Veronica.

The group mostly feels like Hiram and FP are largely the guilty parties but Betty doesn’t buy it. She then puts the letter jacket on Archie and dig around in it, discovering a tear in the pocket lining. In the hole lies a flashdrive.

The group then plugs the drive into a computer and finds a video of Jason’s murder. The group watches the video, but it’s contents aren’t shown to the audience. Everyone is shaken but Betty gets up and immediately calls Cheryl, telling her she needs to get out of the house. Cheryl says she understands and walks downstairs to where her parents are eating dinner. Standing by her mother and looking down the table at her father, she says, “You did a very bad thing, daddy, and now everyone knows.” Clifford Blossom killed his own son.

Shortly thereafer, Alice Cooper walks into the mayor’s office and hands Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller the flashdrive with the video on it. We, the audience, then get to see what was on the video. Jason was tied to a chair in the basement of the White Worm and beaten by Mustang before Clifford Blossom walks in. Clifford pulls the engagement ring out of Jason’s breast pocket before pulling out a gun and shooting him point-blank.

It is then revealed through Jughead’s narration that Clifford Blossom visited FP on the night of his arrest with a threat that Jughead would suffer the same fate as Jason if he didn’t confess, but things aren’t that easy and FP won’t be immediately released. FP did obstruct justice and did commit some crimes of his own.

At the Lodge’s, Hermione tells Veronica that Hiram is (somehow) coming home.

At the Andrews’, Mary leaves while Archie opts to stay in Riverdale.

Jughead’s closing narration then says that even though the murderer was revealed, the next mystery is the why. As the music plays, Sheriff Keller and co. pull up to the Blossom house but Penelope and Cheryl direct them to the barn. There they find Clifford Blossom hanging from the rafters with a gun and a maple syrup barrel full of drugs spilled on the floor underneath him.

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