‘Riverdale’ Executive Producer On Betty & Archie’s Relationship

RiverdaleSpoilers ahead for Riverdale and its season one finale.

With the first season of Riverdale wrapped up, tensions are high, and fans have a lot more questions than answers. One of the most prominent things that the show has dealt with is the relationship between Archie and Betty. After all, the two iconic characters are staples of our pop culture, so anything they do is newsworthy.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly reporter Natalie Abrams, here’s what executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had to say about how their relationship stands in the finale, as well what to expect going forward.

“There is always going to be some primal connection between Archie and Betty, they grew up together, they live across the street from each other, they were always the person they most confided in. Even if Betty had deeper feelings for Archie and Archie didn’t, she still was his best friend and he still shared everything with her. Part of what’s going on in that scene is Archie is realizing that he’s been replaced by Jughead. That’s a confusing thing for Archie to sort through. Does he regret what he said in the pilot? Who knows? Do I believe what he says to Veronica? 100 percent, I do. But feelings are messy and not cut and dry. These kids have been under an enormous amount of stress, so things get jumbled up.”


Hopefully, Archie and Betty’s relationship prospers as the show moves into its sophomore season. The town of Riverdale still has tons of mysteries left for the gang to uncover, when the show returns for its second season in the 2017-2018 TV Season.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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