Rob Liefeld Is Optimistic That ‘Deadpool 2’ Will Overtake ‘Solo’ At The Box Office

Deadpool 2 Han SoloDuring LA Comic-Con this past weekend, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld discussed why he thinks Deadpool 2 will be a better box office success than Solo: A Star Wars Story.

On stage for his panel, Liefeld began by stating how nostalgic he is for the original Star Wars. However, things quickly turned hilarious when he began to do some friendly trash-talking towards the franchise:

“Deapool comes out June 1st, are you aware of this? Deadpool 2. I am betraying myself doing this. My nine-year-old self is going to come back in time and smack my ass, because when I was nine – and sorry, I’m old, I’m fifty – I saw Star Wars in the theater like this [makes shocked and awe face], because if your were that age like me, there was nothing like George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

Liefeld continued by warning the franchise that it’ll be defeated by 2016’s Deadpool sequel:

“But Disney is delusional and is opening ‘Han Solo’ a week before ‘Deadpool!’ And they are going to get their asses kicked! Seven days later; mark my word, skeptical man! [points to audience member] Mark my words: Han Solo, get the hell out of the summer, ’cause seven days later, an army of mercenaries is coming to send the Falcon into hyperspace! Disney I apologize in advanced, but I’m telling the truth: Deadpool is going to kick your ass.”

The summer of 2018 is crowded and it’ll be interesting to see who reigns at the box office. Regarding Solo changing its release date, it is likely as it has become a tradition of sorts for Star Wars films to open in December now. However, Star Wars films prior to The Force Awakens have always opened in May, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Deadpool 2 is directed by David Leitch and will hit theatres on June 1, 2018.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is directed by Ron Howard and will hit theatres on May 25, 2018.


The 5 Best Moments In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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Thor Ragnarok Best MomentsThe Thor films haven’t really been the most well received entries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, both of the films have been some of the weakest, but with the release of Ragnarok approaching and early reviews being very positive, there’s actually a lot to look forward to in the God of Thunder’s latest cinematic solo outing.

Ragnarok is a film that changes the formula of the Thor series in many ways and that may be controversial to some fans. I recently got the chance to see Ragnarok myself and loved it, so now’s the perfect opportunity to look back and pick out the moments that stood out as the best the film has to offer.

Here are the 5 best moments in Thor: Ragnarok. Be aware that this article contains major spoilers, so you may want to wait until after you’ve seen the film to read it. If you have, just click Next to get started!

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