Rob Liefeld Wants To See Jon Hamm As Cable

With Deadpool hitting theaters in just over a month, some comic fans might wonder if Cable is going to be getting the film treatment any time soon. The two characters definitely share a place together in the comic books (with their most recent pairing hitting shelves just recently), and it seems as if Cable’s appearance in the X-Men film universe is long overdue.

There is currently no word on whether or not Cable will be making his feature film debut in the near future, but the character’s creator has weighed in on his own personal choice for the role. Not only has Rob Liefeld named Jon Hamm as the perfect actor to portray Nathan Summers, but he was even nice enough to provide fans with this bit of artistry depicting Hamm as the character in question.

While Hamm has no current interest in superhero movies, it’s hard to deny that this mock-up seems to illustrate him as the perfect choice for the role. And with Fox currently expanding their X-Men universe, there’s no telling which characters may show up next.

Would Jon Hamm top your list to play Cable, or is there another actor you’d like to see filling the role? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below.


(Kieran Hair)

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