Robbie Amell Discusses Firestorm’s Possible Future


Be warned that the following article may contain spoilers if you haven’t been keeping up with this season of The Flash.

During his recent Q&A at Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days, actor Robbie Amell talked quite a bit about his role as Firestorm on The Flash. In doing so, he made a running joke of the fact that the character just can’t seem to stay alive. Yet he always seems to be brought back in one form or another. And according to Amell, this is largely his doing.

“I think the producers bring me back so often because I email them repeatedly. Every time they kill me I’m like, ‘So wouldn’t it be cool if this happened?’”

Before he was brought back as Deathstorm in the Flash team’s recent trip to Earth-2, Ronnie Raymond’s ultimate fate in the season opener was something of a mystery. Off-screen deaths are always questionable in shows like this, after all. But in terms of Raymond’s sacrifice to the singularity, Amell notes that this was something of a necessity.

“The main thing behind that was the timing didn’t work out for me for Legends of Tomorrow to shoot it, and…Firestorm had to be a part of that show. And it couldn’t be me, so the idea was that I had to die and they introduced a new Firestorm. And then they just kept getting annoying emails from me asking when I was going to be brought back. So, um…I’m just going to see how long that works.”

If it does work, however, it may have to be in the context of alternate Earths (similar to Earth-2’s Deathstorm). Says Amell:

“I truly believe that Ronnie from Earth-1 is dead. I think you can only sacrifice yourself so many times without actually dying.”

Whether or not we’ll be seeing more of Firestorm, Amell has recently been shooting the Netflix film ARQ in Toronto alongside Jessica Jones’ Rachael Taylor. Amell notes that the film’s premise—which he compares to Edge of Tomorrow—is a bit humorous in the context of his previous role as Firestorm.

“I’m living the same three hours over and over again and I keep getting killed. It’s kind of like being on The Flash.”

Needless to say, some fans found it odd that Amell has managed to play two perpetually dying characters in a row. But when asked why everyone seems to want his characters to die, Amell claimed that Firestorm’s deaths are in some ways a testament to the love that fans have for the character.

“Who said people want me to die in the movies? I think it’s so that…they know that it will break everybody’s heart when I die. You don’t kill the guy people want to die, ‘cause everybody’s like ‘Yeah!’ And then it’s just, like, done for a while. You want people to be like ‘Oh, no! Not Ronnie again! We just got him back!’”

This was more or less the fan reaction on Twitter when Deathstorm departed almost as soon as he arrived. As for whether or not Earth-2’s Deathstorm or Earth-1’s Firestorm are still out there in the ether, it’s hard to say. The big problem with bringing Raymond back would be the lack of a second half, since Martin Stein is currently gallivanting around with Jax on Legends of Tomorrow. But if The Flash wants to bring back Raymond in any way, shape or form, Amell is more than willing to play the part.

“I would always love to go back to that show. I love the cast, I love the producers. A lot of the same crew that worked on The Tomorrow People because it shoots in Vancouver. That show will always have a place very close to my heart, and I’ll go back any time they want me to.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8/7c. For the current incarnation of Firestorm, check out DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 8/7c every Thursday.

Source: Robbie Amell at Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days

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