Robert Kirkman On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Comic & TV Crossovers

Fans have been hoping for a TV crossover between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead since the former’s debut, yet rarely mentioned was the possibility of a comic book appearance. But a new theory marks the potential for the Fear the Walking Dead characters to appear in the comic series during the Whisperer War.

Currently, in the comics, Rick’s group has been at war with a group called the Whisperers, whoo cover themselves in zombie’s guts to walk among them. The parallel to Fear however, stems from main character Nick Clark quickly developing the same tactic. On top of this, in the comic Eugene overhears a conversation over the radio about a group covered in Walker guts nearing whoever is on the other end. Robert Kirkman answers the question at the end of issue 160.

“It’s possible this is a wink and a nudge to that, but this series is not connected to Fear the Walking Dead. That series is separate.”

To clarify, the Fear the Walking Dead characters are owned by AMC so for them to appear in the comic, AMC would have to lend Skybound the rights. As such, it is far cheaper to keep them separate.

As for a show crossover, the possibility is just about as unlikely.

As of right now, no, there is no plan,” said executive producer Dave Erickson.

The Walking Dead is on AMC, Sunday nights at 9pm EST.

Source: Comicbook

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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