Robert Kirkman Hints Details Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover

Fear The Walking Dead

Fans of both ‘The Walking Dead‘ and it’s sister show ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘ have been anticipating a crossover ever since the second show’s inception.

During a panel with Robert Kirkman, he hinted ideas in the comics that could have potentially come from the actions of the group from ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘. During the current ‘Whisperer War’ in the comics, some of these villains wear zombie skin over the faces as a way of blending in with the hordes of the undead. This happens in a similar way that Nick and the group smother themselves in blood to go unnoticed by walkers. It’s an interesting concept, that’s for sure.

“I feel like it’s something that probably evolved over time. Maybe they were putting blood all over their faces and were walking around in Mexico and went, ‘Oh, it would probably be better if we just used skin.'”

He was then hounded by fans with questions asking if the group would then go on to become Whisperers later on the in the show’s timeline. He responded with a resounding answer:

“No comment.”

The group seem relatively moral in their actions, so it’s hard to imagine them going as far as wearing the skin of the undead. But then, we’ve seen morally right characters go off the rails before – who’s to say it can’t happen to the protagonists? Even if the two groups are geographically opposed, bigger obstacles have been overcome on television before. Although we can’t deny we would love to see Rick Grimes and Victor Strand face off against each other. Or even Negan and Victor – although Colman Domingo thinks they might respect each other.

Fear The Walking Dead‘ will return in 2017, whilst ‘The Walking Dead‘ will a begin to air it’s seventh season on October 23rd.


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