Rocksteady’s Next Project Will Make Fans “Lose Their Minds”

Batman RocksteadyOff the heels of the Batman: Arkham trilogy, Rocksteady is busy at work on their next project, which will apparently make people “lose their minds”. Gaz Deaves, head of marketing at Rocksteady, revealed in a tweet that they’re working on something new, despite being tight-lipped.

You can check the tweet out below:

After three critically and commercially successful games and a VR spin-off, Rocksteady has made it clear that they’re done with Batman. There isn’t much information regarding their next project, but many are hypothesizing that it will be a DC comic related project. Considering that Rocksteady is a subsidiary of Warner Bros., it would make sense that they would focus on their own readily available intellectual property as opposed to something completely new.

In the Arkham Knight, the final game in the trilogy, an audio message revealed that Lex Luthor exists in the game’s universe. In fact, posters of Lexcorp were all over the city, and many henchmen spoke of “the flying freak from Metropolis”. If these clues are any indication, it could be safe to assume that their next game is Superman related.

Only time can tell what Rocksteady’s next project is, but we’ll have all the details once they’re announced.

Source: Gaz Deaves (via Twitter)

6 Times The Justice League Came Up Short

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Justice LeagueThe Justice League is comprised of the best and brightest heroes the DC Universe has to offer. When you’ve got Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman all on one team, it’s a hard combination to beat. Despite their combined strength, the Justice League has been taken down quite a few times in their long history.

Over the years, the League has faced all kinds of threats, ranging from a grief-stricken Black Adam on a rampage to an invasion of White Martians. Usually the Justice Leauge is able to overcome these threats, but sometimes they don’t have what it takes to stop evil. Of course, these are comic books and things usually shift back towards the light side in time, but that doesn’t mean darkness can’t win, at least temporarily.

Since Justice League finally hits theaters in November, now seems like as good a time as any to talk about a few times the team has fallen short. With that said, hit Next to learn more about six times the Justice League lost!

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    Hopefully it’s something original. They’re geniuses over there even if Arkham Knight was awful