‘Rogue One’ Characters Ranked From Worst To Best

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rogue-oneRogue One: A Star Wars Story has finally blasted into theaters, and now that many have had the chance to finally see the first standalone adventure in the franchise, many have had the opportunity to embrace the newest character additions to the galaxy. Each character added a fascinating new dynamic to the franchise, and if you were to ask me, there are a couple of characters in this ensemble that are destined to become icons in this series. So without further ado, let’s rank the brand new characters of Rogue One from worst to best.

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Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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  • Matt

    Jesus Christ. How about scaling it back on the listicles?

  • MonaBriss.

    Donnie Yen was completely outstanding in his glamorous white Dolce Gabbana tuxedo on the LA premiere of Rogue One.
    DYs children preferred SW for Ip Man. I would of course go for Ip Man every day of the year since they are the best and most magical movies ever, and SW are for kids and youngsters, not for grown-ups.

  • Carl

    Why is Bohdi so high?

  • Monty

    Sorry, Noah, but Chirrut is somewhat Force sensitive. He’s no different than Leia. He can see the blackness that surrounds someone about to kill without Jedi training. It’s a quibble, but he has a small amount of sensitivity through his religion. The Force is not Jedi exclusive.