‘Rogue One’ & ‘Suicide Squad’ Editor Compares Crafting Both Films

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Crafting a film in the editing room can be a long and arduous process, one that can require a lot of flexibility as the film continues to evolve during post-production. Editor John Gilroy was tasked with crafting not one but two of this years biggest blockbusters that both reportedly underwent considerable reshoots and alternating cuts: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Suicide Squad. In an interview with io9, Gilroy discussed his experiences while working on both films and how he felt about the final product of both projects.

Gilroy remained quiet on just how different the original direction for Rogue One was, but explained why he was brought in to help craft the film after a new vision for the film had been decided.

This movie was supposed to be different than other Star Wars movies. They were trying to push the envelope of what a Star Wars movie could be. And when you do that, you try to walk that line. You want to make it different but you also want to very much make it part of the whole Star Wars saga. So trying to find that balance was the biggest challenge.

Gilroy expressed his enthusiasm for the the final cut of Rogue One.

“The emotional jump that you’re making was very well thought out. I was very happy with how we moved people first with the poignancy of the death, then the amazing action sequence which you aren’t expecting and then seeing Leia for a moment knowing that, like 20 minutes later, the first movie is going to start. It moves your emotion to a different direction without manipulating you, I don’t think. It really takes you to a great place.”

Gilroy admitted that he was not behind some of the changes made to Suicide Squad.

I didn’t agree with everything we did on Suicide Squad, but I did agree with everything we did on Rogue One. These things happen. These movies are very big, there’s a lot riding on them and sometimes it makes people change course or think of a new direction for their film before release.

Gilroy was one of three editors on Rogue One, but it is still interesting how two films could undergo considerable changes during production and turn out with very different results. While Rogue One has enjoyed both critical and financial success, Suicide Sqaud‘s box office glory has been met with mixed reception, with some ire towards the film being specifically directed to the films poor editing.

Source: i09 (via ComicBookMovie.com)

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