Rumor: Ben Affleck to Star in Three Stand-alone Batman Films

In a report from Den of Geek according to their sources there will be three standalone Batman films starring Ben Affleck in the titular role.

The report states that within the last 24 hours there was a private screening of a rough cut of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice shown to the film’s crew and Warner bosses. The film was such a glowing success that they gave the film a standing ovation.

Apparently Warners is completely impressed with Ben Affleck in the role that they are moving forward with a deal to make three Batman films starring Ben Affleck in the role. This would be known as a Golden Deal and would see Affleck in the role for the next ten years.

Their sources tell them:

Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman

In addition to this the source also mentioned that the studio believes that this Batman is the “definitive Batman” and that they are extremely confident on this project.

This report is surprising, but unconfirmed at this point.  If this is the case then we will be seeing a reportedly great Batman appear in films for the next decade.  A three-film deal would mean extreme confidence on the part of Warner Brothers.

 At this point though it is all just a rumor and until we get confirmation it is difficult to believe what Den of Geek’s sources have stated.


Deadline has reported that Warner Bros. has pushed back two films that Affleck will be starring in. The Accountant was pushed from January 29th to October 7th of 2016. A film he will be directing and starring in known as Live By Night was moved from October 7th 2016 until sometime in 2017.

Could this bring validity to this story?

What do you guys think? Does this rumor hold any validity? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Den of Geek

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