RUMOR: WB Waiting For Response To ‘Justice League’ Before Continuing With ‘Flashpoint’

Justice League Movie The Flash FlashpointA few days ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed that he did not know if he would suit up as Batman in Flashpoint. However, a new rumor suggests that the reason behind that could be from Warner Bros. studio itself.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll was on Meet The Movie Press this week and discussed how he had heard that Warner Bros. had begun to slow down their search for a new director for Flashpoint. The last name that had been floated was Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis several months ago.

The thought process behind pumping the breaks is that the studio wants to see what the reaction to Justice League will be like before committing to other films the DC Expanded Universe.

You can hear the comments for yourself at the 28:02 mark in the video below:

Joby Harold, writer of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the upcoming Robin Hood: Origins has written the script for Flashpoint. Robert Zemeckis emerged as the frontrunner to direct the film in May but the project has been in limbo ever since Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) exited the Warner Bros. production, citing creative differences between him and the studio as the reason for his departure. Famuyiwa was hired to replace Seth Grahame-Smith who penned the original script and also exited the project due to creative differences.

Both Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons remain committed to star as the titular hero and his love interest Iris West. Miller will reprise his role as The Flash after first being introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice later this year when he appears in the epic superhero team-up flick Justice League which hits theaters November 17, 2017. Flashpoint will also feature an appearance by Wonder Woman as Gal Gadot has been confirmed for The Flash standalone film.

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Source: YouTube (via Batman-News)

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DeathstrokeNow that fans know Deathstroke will be getting his own movie directed by The Raid’s Gareth Evans, it’s time for everyone to brush up on their Slade Wilson knowledge. Deathstroke is DC’s deadliest assassin and one of the smartest tacticians in the world, as well as the oldest foe of the Teen Titans. He’s even taken on the whole Bat-family single-handedly and escaped, proving just how tough of a fighter he is.

The movie will likely depict him as an anti-hero of sorts, a relatively new status for the character. Throughout most of his history Deathstroke has always been more of a self-interested fighter than a righteous man, but recently he’s developed a conscious and a desire to help people in DC Rebirth. He was even one of the main villains in the Batman: Arkham Origins game, proving that audiences are ready for more Slade Wilson.

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