Rumor: Is ‘X-Men: Supernova’ Movie Confirmed?

dark phoenix

X-Men: Supernova may not be a title that brings an immediate movie to mind. After all, there has never been any actual confirmation that another X-Men film with this exact title was on its way. Many have speculated that it could be another name being used for New Mutants, a X-Men film that has been confirmed to be directed by Josh Boone.

Recently, the mysterious X-Men: Supernova has appeared on a production schedule and with a working title of Dark Phoenix could mean that Supernova is completely separate from New Mutants. The Dark Phoenix title could be hinting that the Phoenix saga will finally be brought to the big screen.

The Dark Phoenix saga, which was hinted at and kind of used during X-Men: Apocalypse, brings powerful mutant Jean Grey front and center. The last time the X-Men franchise really attempted to do this storyline was in X-Men: The Last Stand and… well, it didn’t turn out the way many fans had hoped.

As of right now, besides randomly appearing on a production listing, X-Men: Supernova/Dark Phoenix is still a big mystery. Until we have more information, there’s only so much to discuss, but the possibility of actually having a film focusing on the Phoenix saga is something that brings excitement.

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Source: via Production Weekly

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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