Details Emerge Regarding Why Rupert Wyatt Exited ‘Gambit’

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Last week it was revealed that Rupert Wyatt had exited the director’s chair of the upcoming 20th Century Fox Gambit solo film. When this news broke, both the parties had claimed that the reason for the director’s departure from the film was due to script complications that led to an increased budget. This increased budget in turn would delay production and would end up conflicting with one Wyatt’s future commitments. Well, it seems that may not have been the actual case.

THR reports that even though the studio got along well with the director, he had an entirely different vision for what he wanted to do with the project. Due to how much they were putting into the film, the studio wasn’t about to let him have as much creative control as he desired which led to the director walking away from the project. Not something unusual at all and after this year’s Fantastic Four box-office fiasco… can you really blame Fox?

Gambit is currently set to hit theaters on October 7, 2016.

Source: THR