Russo Brothers Clarify Their ’67 Characters’ Comment; Discuss ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Shooting Schedule

Last week the Russo brothers made headlines when they made a comment about the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War featuring “67 characters”. Fans began speculating just who could be appearing in the two-part Marvel Studios film but the directing duo have revealed that fans took that number a bit too figuratively.

During a special Q&A following a screening of The Winter Soldier, the pair clarified what they meant by the comment but did assure that the film will still be jam packed full of characters and offered a bit of insight into the scale of the production. 

We were being figurative when we said [67 characters] and people took it as literal but there’s a lot of characters. Infinity War is meant to be the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe up to that point. It’s very ambitious in its scope, it wants to take everythign that you’ve seen before and coalesce into some kinda of climactic ending. It’s complicated , ambitious storytelling…We’re not talking about lead characters, just people that make an appearance.

On the topic of the scale of the upcoming two-part Avengers sequel and their schooting schedule for the films.

We start shooting both of them later this year in November and we’re primarily going to be based in Atlanta again. That’s where we’ll do out stage work and some exteriors. There will be locations from around the world involved as well. We actually relocate to Atlanta in late July to finish up pre-production there. We don’t come back to L.A. until the following June.

We’re shooting them concurrently, meaning that some days we’ll be shooting the first movie and some days we’ll be shooting the second movie. Just jumping back and forth. We won’t look like this next year.

While it seems the film won’t have 67 characters, the Russo brothers will definitely have their hands full with the project. Who are you hoping to see make an appearance? Your thoughts on the Russos’ comments? Let us know in the section below.

Source: Collider

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