Ryan Reynolds Isn’t Sweating Next Year’s Competition

Recently Ryan Reynolds chatted with Total Film and while he was doing promotion for another film, of course the subject of another little film that he’s got coming out next year was brought up. While some believe that it was Reynolds pushing for this one to happen, the actor once again claimed that Deadpool is only being made because of the fans.

There has been a lot of talk about how I was instrumental in getting it made, which isn’t true at all. I wouldn’t say I spent every single day emailing the studio heads at 20th Century Fox saying, ‘You’ve got to make this movie’.

The fans are the ones that saw that leaked test footage – which really was never meant for anyone besides in-house studio people. That is really what got it made, but what I’m most proud of is we got to make the movie in the way it should have been made, which is rated R at a very modest budget.

Next year has quite the line-up when it comes to comic book movies with the likes of Batman v. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad and X-Men: Apocalypse hitting theaters. When asked if he was intimated by all of the big comic book adaptations coming to the big screen next year, Reynolds had the following to say on the matter.

I mean, Deadpool’s greatest superpower is annoying the shit out of people. So I imagine that he would spark a heavy wave of ire from any one of those groups.

Deadpool hits theaters February 16, 2016.


(Shawn Madden)

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