Ryan Reynolds Talks ‘Deadpool’; Reveals What He Stole From The Set


It’s been a long time coming but we’re only few months away from the long awaited Deadpool hitting theaters. It’s taken nearly ten years but Ryan Reynolds finally got to play the role he was born for and he actor revealed that after nearly a decade wait, he wasn’t going to be leaving the set empty handed. So, what item did Reynolds decide to walk away with? 

I loved wearing [the suit] and I have run away with one. I’ll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I’ve waited 10 years to do this movie so I’m leaving with a f***ing suit.

While it took this project quite some time to get going and he was definitely frustrated, the film’s start is definitely delighted with what Tim Miller pulled off with the film’s relatively small budget.

Sometimes the long game pay off. I never thought it would come to fruition, it’s been an uphill battle but there was such an appetite for that character on screen.

We did it with a relative pittance compared to most superhero films, but it really allowed us to explore the character. When you see the movie, you would think it’s a $150 million film, but actually it’s not at all.

Only a few months left to go. Let us know what you think about Reynolds comments below.

Deadpool is set to hit theaters February 12, 2016.


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