UPDATE: Said Taghmaoui Talks ‘Wonder Woman’: Hoyte Van Hoytema Confirmed As Director Of Photography?

UPDATE: It appears that something got lost in translation in regards to this interview. Our sources are telling us that Taghmaoui is playing one of the “good guys” in the film, not a superhero. Be sure to check back for further updates as they emerge.

Just last night the first set photos from the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman emerged and with them came the reveal that Said Taghmaoui had joined the film’s cast. So, who will the actor be playing in the film? Well, that’s being kept under wraps but it looks like he might actually be playing a major role in the film. While speaking about his role in the film recently, Taghmaoui stated that he will “be playing a superhero” but couldn’t go into details regarding the role. He also revealed that he auditioned for three months for the role and will have to go “through extensive physical training”.

Definitely doesn’t sound like the actor signed on for a minor role, especially with that much work being put in. Also contained within the interview was a few interesting tidbits, the first seemingly confirming the previously rumored Hoyte Van Hoytema as the director of photography for the Patty Jenkins directed film. The second one, according to the actor, is that the 2017 release, which will film in four countires, has a budget of around $300 million. Seems a bit high to me but Warner Bros. could be going all in with this film being as it is the first major female superhero film to hit the big screen. Let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments below.

SOURCE: Ultra Magazine (L’ Economiste)

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