Samuel L. Jackson Recaps ‘Game of Thrones’ In The Best Way Possible!

Sam Jackson

Let’s be honest, Samuel L. Jackson could read the phone book and it would be entertaining as well. Throughout his film career, no one has delivered expletives better than he (in addition to his good acting). Of course, he knows it, why else would he narrate the children’s book Go The F—k To Sleep? Given his history, and his ever so colorful way of delivering info in a Sam Jacksonesque way, it’s no surprise that he was asked to give a Game of Thrones recap by HBO. Jackson did not disappoint either. His recap not only helps the uninitiated (to some extent) understand what’s going on in the wildly popular show, but is quite entertaining!

Very NSFW (as you would expect)!

What other shows could Jackson recap in a similar fashion? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Youtube

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