Screenwriter Offers Updates On Valiant Comics’ ‘Bloodshot’ & ‘Harbinger’ Films


In 2015, Sony signed a deal with Valiant Comics to produce five movies for the comic company. The first two movies would focus on characters Harbinger and Bloodshot, the title character in the latter of the pair starring in an upcoming Ninjak web-series played by Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank – don’t confuse the two, the film version will be a new iteration.

Not much has been said about the movies, as Sony has been quiet for the most part on the subject. With 2017 approaching quickly, it’s fair to think that the movies might have been shelved for some reason.

According to Eric Heisserer, screenwriter for both movies, progress has been made on both Harbinger and Bloodshot, and goes as far as to offer updates on both projects. He begins with Harbinger, which according to Heisserer is currently searching for the right director.

“I believe ‘Harbinger’ is out on the director version of Tinder, trying to find a match. We’re trying to find the right filmmaker for that project, but I’m pretty excited about that.”

It sounds as if a large amount of care is being taken while deciding who will direct the upcoming Harbinger film – it will be Valiant’s first film so they want to make sure it’s done right. Back in Septermber, it was revealed that Harbinger would be pushed up a year to be the first movie produced. This works with the story, as Bloodshot hunts Harbingers and will act as the villan in the first film before headlining his own. When it comes to the Bloodshot movie, Heisserer also provides an update on its status.

“I am right now staring at a revised draft of ‘Bloodshot;’ that’s what I am working on today.”

With Harbinger and Bloodshot both making progress, it looks as if Sony will in fact hit their target date of 2017 to premier the first movie. The films will act as the first in a five picture deal, which will reportedly feature a Harbinger Wars film in addition to other characters from Valiant Comics’ line-up.
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Source: TheWrap

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

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  • Bruce Norris

    Not to dis, but the stuff I saw had a “fan film” feel to it, think I saw CGI blood.


    Man, is anybody actually interested in this stuff? I get that Hollywood is trying to come up with an alternative to Marvel & DC, but is this really it? I’ve tried to read this stuff in the past, & I was bored to death by it. I have a feeling that this Valiant stuff is gonna crash & burn, in the worst way. It already doesn’t sell well in the comic book stores.