Set Picture From Inside ‘Doctor Strange’ Sanctum Sanctorum

What’s a classic superhero without his hideaway, his home away from the prying eyes of the layman’s world? It’s where they go to attend to their hero business, or simply to while away a few hours in quiet solitude when there are no threats to combat. The Sorcerer Supreme has always headquartered out of the Sanctum Sanctorum, a uniquely trippy townhouse which harbors strong mystical energies.

Yesterday, we gave you some Doctor Strange concept art that showed off the Sanctum in its full glory. Thanks to Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito, we now have a set picture showcasing one prominent feature.

This seems pretty true to the concept art, so it should be pretty exciting to see the rest of the set as new looks are revealed leading up to the release of Doctor Strange on November 4.

Source: Twitter (via CBM)

(Kieran Hair)

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