Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg Are Producing A New Superhero Comedy


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who founded Point Grey Pictures, are working on a superhero television show about sidekicks for Fox, as well as an Illuminati conspiracy theory show on ABC. Both are comedies made through a script commitment deal with Sony TV, and Rogen and Goldberg are executive producers.

The currently untitled Fox single-camera show is about an “ambitious MIT graduate” who finds out her tech boss moonlights as a superhero. She becomes his sidekick, as a result. The series will be written and executive produced by Mike Rosolio (Lemmings), and it has no release date quite yet.

Brad Copeland (The Inbetweeners) will write and executive produce ABC’s Illuminati show, which features a normal, suburban couple where one happens to be in the Illuminati, a world-bending organization of conspiracy theories sure to anger people who take such things seriously.

Point Grey adds these shows to their previous deals, Preacher at AMC (which has been approved for a second season) and Future Man at Hulu, which is set to release soon.

Who would you like to see star in a sitcom about superheroes? The main characters are apparently an updated riff on Batman, with Bruce Wayne being a Silicon Valley billionaire, instead. If only Adam West were a few years younger.

Source: Deadline

Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Bruce Norris

    I think both ideas are “throw away”. Thus, it will depend on writing/talent. Get some writers with good ideas and the shows will last only as long as you can keep those people together.