First Look At Shannon Purser In ‘Riverdale’ As Ethel Muggs

Shannon Purser had been announced as joining the cast of Riverdale a while back, and now we finally get to see what her character will look like. Purser will be playing Ethel Muggs, first appearing in episode 3 of the series, and look drastically different from Barb.

Shannon Purser Ethel Riverdale

Without the big glasses she sported in Stranger Things, Purser looks very different as Ethel. Purser’s not the only one receiving changes however, as Ethel will be making a couple departures from her comic book counterpart. Ethel’s main trait of wanting to date Jughead has been nixed, as it seems she’ll be supporting Veronica instead.

New information about Jason’s death is uncovered and Cheryl comes under suspicion; a difficult decision leads to strain on Archie’s relationship with Miss Grundy; and Betty revives the school newspaper and seeks Jughead’s help in looking into the death. Meanwhile, Veronica and Ethel hear rumors of a “shame book” written by the school’s football players; and, after getting grounded, Archie looks for a way out to attend an event where Josie and the Pussycats are to perform a song he cowrote.

As of now, it is unknown as to whether Ethel will be a former friend of Veronica’s, or someone completely new to the group.

Source: CBR

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