Showrunner of ‘Jessica Jones’ Confirms ‘Daredevil’ Crossover and Hints at a Super Suit

In an exclusive interview with ET, Jessica Jones showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg, revealed some new details about the upcoming Netflix and Marvel series.

When asked about whether or not they would touch upon Jessica’s alter egos as Jewel or Knightress she proceeded with:

We’re going to hit on that! We’re going to hit on it!

When asked if there would be flashbacks like in Daredevil she teased that they’re

glancing off it.

She also hinted that she wanted to move

beyond female superheroes as they look good in a unitard.

They also went on to ask her whether she thinks that Jessica is Marvel’s first female hero to be a feminist.

She herself wouldn’t consider herself a feminist. Or not!” she explained. “I approach this character not from telling a female story. Gender is not the first character aspect that defines her.

She also discussed Jessica’s Complexity as a character

She’s funny! She’s dark! She’s the real deal. She’s utterly compelling, both the actress and the character. The first time I saw [Ritter] do drama was Breaking Bad. And she was just a guest star. We pushed her to some really dark, emotional places, and she just keeps going there. She’s got incredible range

In the interview she also revealed that there will be a character from Daredevil making an appearance in Jessica Jones

I think I’m allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in.

She also discussed the tone of the series and how heavily action will play into it

Our show has plenty of action, but it’s not about the action. It’s about the character, it’s about her emotional arc, and she’s not a ninja. She never studies martial arts. She’s a brawler. You piss her off and boom! You’re down! We’re not seeing a whole lot of—“ She mimicked a praying mantis pose and cried, “Hiyah!

She humorously added

She’s not out to save the city, She’s out to make rent.

It’s shaping up that the show looks to capture what Daredevil did with having a more gritty and emotional series. This tone is in contrast with Marvel’s other entries in the Cinematic Universe, but it has proven to be successful with Daredevil being a runaway hit for Netflix.

What do you think of Netflix tackling ‘Jessica Jones’? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.

Source: ET

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