Simone Missick Cast As Misty Knight For ‘Luke Cage’

Marvel super heroine Mercedes “Misty” Knight will make her live-action debut on Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage, which will likely see a 2016 release. According to reports actress Simone Missick will be tasked with bringing the character to life.

Misty Knight, created by writer Tony Isabella with artist Arvell Jones, is a former police officer who is brutally injured in bombing. She has her right arm amputated and receives a bionic arm from Tony Stark, which grants her super strength.

While it would be amazing to see this version of Knight, only time will tell how many of the Netflix characters we will see mingling with big players in the MCU like Stark, and in what way Marvel will utilize Misty Knight. For now, Knight is described as an NYC police detective who will partner up with Cage in the show.

Does the inclusion of “Misty” Knight get you more excited for Luke Cage? How big a role do you think the Netflix characters will play in the future of the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Being filmed now, Luke Cage starring Mike Colter should hit Netflix in 2016!

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