Slot Machines: The Hollywood Story

Many types of games available in the world have at least a few titles inspired by Hollywood, including video games, mobile games, and of course, slot machines. Movie-inspired slot machines are springing up here and there, perhaps not with lightning speed, but quickly enough. Online casinos will never have enough of the Hollywood pill, and the same can be said for the land-based gambling industry. From the slot parlours of Las Vegas to social casino games that are played online, some of the titles you’re likely to stumble across include Tarzan, Terminator, and Wizard of Oz, among others. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the movies found to have inspired some slot machines.


The release of the first instalment of the Terminator movies in 1984 was met with much excitement. One of the most notable online gambling companies, Microgaming, developed a slot machine inspired by the Terminator 2 movie which many consider to be the best of the Terminator movies. The slot machine was developed in 2014 and remains popular to date, possibly because the creators did such a good job with it. Somehow, they were able to take an old movie and turn it into a futuristic and modern looking theme.

Jurassic Park

This is another one by Microgaming and as you might expect, it’s a good one. This slot machine was released the same year as the Terminator 2 slot machine and it stands out for its unprecedented degree of realism. The 3D effects make the graphics look real enough to draw players in for a long play.


The Batman slot machine is sure to be a hit with any true fan of the Batman movies. This machine was developed by NextGen Gaming, who deserve some credit for pulling it off even with the high expectations. The game has a number of special features including the Bonus bet feature that lets gamblers bet x60 more coins for a chance to win big when the Batman bonus sign pops up five times.

Austin Powers

The first Austin Powers movie was released in 1997, with two others released in 1999 and 2002. This slot machine, developed by Endemol Games Company might have been a risk, but it was one well worth it. The machine is a fan favourite, especially with those who play loads of online slots in the UK. It includes bonus games, multipliers, free spins, wilds, and AutoPlay.

Even closer ties than suspected?

It is extremely possible that there are closer ties between Hollywood and the online gambling world beyond slot machines drawing inspiration from famous movie titles. While 2014 was an awesome year for movie-based slot machines, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park were particularly special. Clearly, they must have been chosen because they are classics, but then, both franchises made a comeback the following year. Was this part of the marketing strategy for both movies? Whatever the answer to that question, movie-based slot machines are going nowhere.

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